King Hiroki
キング 大輝
Kingu Hiroki
Personal Information
Hair Colorpale green
Eye Colorturqouise
Home PlacePretty Kingdom
RelativesQueen Carnet (wife), Madeline Sycamore (daughter)
Anime Information
SeiyuuTaiten Kusunoki

King Hiroki (キング 大 輝 Kingu Hiroki) is the king of Pretty Kingdom, Queen Carnet's husband and the father of Madeline Sycamore.


Angelic Story Pretty Cure!

In this series, he is a minor character. He and his wife are shown to still be on good terms, as the two are seen having a friendly conversation in a field after Queen Carnet finished an important meeting about the merge of the kingdoms. At the end of the season, the two are seen in a picture holding their newborn daughter.

Love♥Pretty Cure

King Hiroki is shown to have grown very fond of Madeline since the last series, offering to go down to Aisaki Town almost instantly when his wife found out that she and the other Pretty Cure were at a greater risk of getting defeated by the captors than ever before.


King Hiroki is a tall man with pale green hair and turquoise eyes. He wears a black robe and white armor underneath it, with golden bracelets on his right wrist.


大輝 means great brightness, referring to his position as the King of the Pretty Kingdom, a place that needs to always be filled with light to function.


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