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King Camillo
Kingu Kamirro
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceJoy Kingdom
RelativesQueen Adelina (wife)
Anime Information
SeasonJoyful Heart! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceJHPC01

King Camillo (キングカミッロ Kingu Kamirro) is the king of the Joy Kingdom and rules alongside his wife, Queen Adelina.


King Camillo is a handsome man with dark brown hair and blue eyes.


Camillo is the kind and benevolent ruler of the Joy Kingdom alongside his wife, Adelina.

He is somewhat more immature than her.


Going to the Halloween Kingdom

Camillo and Adelina discover during their kingdom's celebration that the Vampire Kingdom is planning to assault them and the two head off to the Halloween Kingdom and meet with Jack to revive the legendary Pretty Cure warriors.


Queen Adelina - Adelina is Camillo's beloved and more serious wife.

Jack - Camillo is wary of Jack since he flirts with his wife more often than not, but they otherwise have a diplomatic relationship.



Camillo (カミッロ) means 'noble' or 'free-born child' in Latin.


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