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Kiishi Topaz
黄石 トパーズ
Kiishi Topāzu
SeasonUnofficial 5th Season
Age17 - 18
Birthday DateNovember 11th
Eye ColorYellow
Hair ColorBlonde
Home PlaceFeather Castletown
Junior Actress
AffiliationTorigoe Theater
First AppearanceEpisode U01
Japanese Voice ActorIida Riho
Family Information
ParentsKiishi Mitsuko
Kiishi Kouki

Kiishi Topaz is a main charater of Sky Pretty Cure: The Unofficial 5th Season. After changing schools, Topaz now completely concentrates on her career as junior actress.

Profile Information

Being drawn into acting, Topaz now reaches for the stars. She changes school after her second year at high school and now attends a school for artists to get closer to her dream. In her free time, Topaz is part of the theater group of her home town or helps at home at their ranch. However, she does her best to regularly spend time with her best friends. Topaz can't be dragged down with her dream but knows when to make a break and relax, how to live like a normal girl.


Kiishi (黄石?): Kiishi comes from Ki (?) meaning "yellow", combined with Ishi (?) meaning "stone", "transistor" or "koku". Koku is a unit of measure in feudal Japan, the amount of rice needed to feed one person for a year.[1] The kanji 石 is most likely to come from Old Japanese. It is likely to cognate with 磯 (iso?) meaning "a pebble; gravel; a rocky beach".[2] Using the most common translation of 石, Kiishi means "yellow stone". This might be a pun to the precious stone she is named after, the topaz, which is usually yellow. However, it can also be a pun to the fact that her alter ego is the Pretty Cure of the golden rainbow.

Topaz (トパーズ?): Topaz is named after the yellow precious stone, commonly known as topaz. The name "topaz" is usually derived from the Greek Τοpáziοs or Τοpáziοn, from the ancient name of St. John's Island in the Red Sea which was difficult to find and from which a yellow stone was mined in ancient times. Pliny said that Topazos is a legendary island in the Red Sea and the mineral "topaz" was first mined there. Alternatively, the word topaz may be related to the Sanskrit word "tapas", meaning "heat" or "fire".[3]




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