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Character Description
Hair Color Bluish white
Partner(s)Every Cure in her season
Additional Information
SeasonGem💎Shimmer Pretty Cure!
First Appearance GePC01

Kichona (貴重な Kichōna?) is the main mascot in Gem💎Shimmer Pretty Cure!. She is a baby gem fairy (inspired in Jeremejevites) created by the Gemstone Guardians who knew that one they, she would have to be sent to find the Pretty Cures to restore their power after those be spreaded by the region of Japan where the Hōgyokushin city can be found. Kichona, Jemuhaeru Sayako and Boldin were transported to the region while she were in growth process, which portal were created by the final energy of the mother of Sayako pushed out by a finger slap, after a chase by the Black Gems. Kichona ends her sentences with "~kichō".


"Kichōna" means precious or valuable.

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