Kaori Hikami
氷上 香織
Hikami Kaori
Personal Information
Birthday DateJun. 17th
Hair ColorMidnight blue
Eye ColorBlack
Home PlacePalace Town
Cure Love
Alter EgoCure Love
Super FormCure Love Dog Mode

Shine Cure Love

Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorMidnight blue
Theme ColorBlue (main)

Red (sub)

Power(s)Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement
Anime Information
SeasonReady☆Shine! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceRSPC01(Kaori)


Kaori Hikami, also known as Cure Love, is one of the cure of Ready☆Shine! Pretty Cure. Her main theme color is blue.


Casual form

in her casual form, she has long blue hair with curly forward hair. She wears a purple thin coat with a red ribbon on cheek. She wears a floating blue dress with black stockings. On her legs, she wears a pair of belt boots.

Cure Love

As Cure Love, she has long curly hair and a crown with heart. She wears a blue princess shirt with chiffon sleeves. She wears a ribbon-with-heart and blue-and-purple dress. There's a red dress under. She wears pink socks with red-and-blue boots.


Kaori is a genius 13-years-old girl. She's always number one in her class. She's also a student president like other blue cures. Her life is busy for being a "perfect lady", that makes her very tired and wants a simple life. When meets Haruka, her life made a huge change.



Meeting Haruka

In episode 1, students become one grade higher, they need to shift their class. The teacher asks her to sit with Haruka and take care of her because her exam marks isn't very good. She observes her and finds out that she always eats lunch alone. One day, Kaori comes up with eat lunch together. While lunch, Kaori finds that Haruka is a mystical girl but she has no friend so Kaori offer a hand of friendship in episode 2.

Meeting Chika

Kaori visits Haruka's home and finds the mascot accidentally. First, she thinks it is an illusory but then, she sees Monsterdark and Haruka turns into Cure Candy, Chika comes out and asks her if she wants to be Pretty Cure and save Haruka, she agrees. ak

Cure Love

"The power of love makes you feel blessed! Cure Love!"
Ai no chikara anata o megumareta ni suru! Kyuarabu!

Cure Love is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Kaori. In order to transform, she needs the Sparkle Clown.


Pretty Cure Start Up! (プリキュアスタートアプ, Purikyua sutāto apu)

Kaori hand-in-hand with Chika, the Sparkle Clown pops on her head and changes her hair's form. She takes out her hands in Chika, it makes a red-and-blue heart-shape screen. Kaori steps on the heart-shape and her legs go through it to make her socks and boots. The two pearls of the boots come out an air, it makes the sleeves, the shirt and the red dress under. Kaori hand-in-hand with Chika again, Chika turns into a ribbon, it jumps to the top of the red dress, that makes the blue dress and the purple cross dress appear. She blinks a few and makes her eye color lighter. She lands and starts to introduce herself.



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  • Hikami: Hi(氷)means ice and kami(上)means up.
  • Kaori: Ka(香)can means fragrant or flower(花), in her name, it means fragrant. Ori(織)means weave.
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