Kanashimi Eiji
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Kanashimi Eiji
Personal Information
Age18 (deceased)
Hair ColorBlonde (human)
Silvery-white (ghost)
Eye ColorGrey
Home PlaceYumekawa
RelativesKodokuna Ai (lover)
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure 5☆Reborn
First AppearancePC5R20
SeiyuuKishio Daisuke

Kanashimi Eiji (悲しみ英二 Kanashimi Eiji) is a boy who is the lover of the Maiden of Dream River. He is energetic and fun-loving, and loves to crack jokes. After he meets Ai again, he befriends the Cures.


Eiji appears with spiked blonde hair, and grey eyes. He wears a white collared shirt with a black tie, and a grey jacket over the top. He also wears grey pants and black shoes.

As a ghost, he keeps the same appearance, except his hair turns silvery-white.


Eiji is usually very happy, and is hardly ever seen without a smile on his face. He is energetic and loves to make Ai laugh, and is quite comedic. He also loves Ai very much.


Pretty Cure - He quickly befriends the Cures after Ai explained how they helped her.

Kodokuna Ai - Ai and Eiji are lovers, and they care for each other very much.


Kanashimi (悲しみ): Kanashimi translates to "sadness", most likely referring to his sadness about his lost love.

Eiji (英二): Eiji is a name that has quite a lot of meanings, but it means "great".



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