Kamiya Hospital is a location in Reaction! Pretty Cure Elementary. It is a psychiatric hospital that Maki often visits for her support services. It hosts outpatient services such as group therapy, and rehabilitation programs in addition to inpatient treatment. Sometimes Maki's parents and the cures will visit her.


Kamiya Hospital is three stories high building with burgundy bricks. Several smaller buildings surround the property one of which Aiko works in.



Maki was admitted in to the hospital during her first psychotic episode. She was a bit disappointed in the outdated equipment such as rusty sinks and hard beds. Reiko visited her everyday however had to tone it a bit after 'exploring' and invading someone else's privacy.

Reaction! Pretty Cure Elementary

Maki is frequently seen at therapy appointments. Her counselor, Aiko, is the only non cure who knows about her alter ego.

Mid series Maki's symptoms start to flare up again. After a bit of discussion with her family and friends she decides to admit herself.



  • Kamiya Hospital is named after real life psychiatrist Kamiya Mieko.
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