Note:to avoid confusion, please note that this is my Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor from the 1989 anime called Jushin Liger  .If you or anybody else are interested in seeing the anime , please let me know in the comments section and I will be glad to give you the links ! Arigato and let's have a peaceful new year !

Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor
Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor
Personal Information

Status:Alive Eternal Virgin

Birthday DateMay 27, 1970
Hair ColorReddish -Orange (Mai)

Fiery red with sparkling golden streaks (Cure Meteor )

Eye ColorLight Blue (same as Yui's)
Home PlaceThe newly rebuilt International Kaleido Stage Hellsing Organization of Tokyo,Japan on Planet Earth 🌎
RelativesDolk -Kamishiro Ryu (older brother), Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter (twin sister), Farm-Kamishiro Anice (known as Queen Agama-mother-status :unknown), Kamishiro Ryo (father-status:unknown)

Three baby kittens and three puppies

Saint of Athena and Hestia Cure Meteor
Alter EgoCure Meteor
Super FormSuper Ultra Twinkle Style Cure Meteor
Hair ColorFiery red with a shimmering reddish-brown twin feathered hair barrette that is on the top left side of her head holding back her few strands of her hair being pulled back with a few stars dangling from it, the rest of her hair remains huge and loose -but later gains two stars in both sides of her huge hair while in her Twinkle Style saint armor .
Eye ColorLight Blue
Theme ColorBrown
Power(s)Burning Meteor Blast! , Meteor Shower Ryu Sen Ken ! , Scorpio Meteor Gun, Aquarius Meteor Gun, Cancer Meteor Arrow Shot Force ! , Ultra Shining Southern Cross Shot!, Super Ultra Star Twinkle Imagination
SymbolThe Beautiful Meteor Shower and the Burning Meteor
Anime Information
SeasonDisney's Jushin Liger

Disney's Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Disney's Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ/Disney's Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Disney's Aladdin Disney's Pretty Cure All Stars Disney's The Little Mermaid Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure 2: Amazing Adventures Back Home in Tokyo,Japan and Amazing Adventures all Over Planet Earth 🌎!

First AppearanceDisney's Jushin Liger

Disney's Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Disney's Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ/Disney's Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Disney's Aladdin Disney's Pretty Cure All Stars Disney's The Little Mermaid Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure 2: Amazing Adventures Back Home in Tokyo,Japan and Amazing Adventures all Over Planet Earth 🌎!

SeiyuuIto Miki
Voice ActorClinkenbeard Colleen


Disney Princess of athletics Kamishiro Mai is the 11th official cure from the Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure  and Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure 2: Amazing Adventures Back Home in Tokyo,Japan and Amazing Adventures all Over Planet Earth 🌎! anime . She alongside with her twin sister Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter have also appeared in episode 41 of the first series but we're not fully introduced til' the studio Sunrise was legally notified by a legal representative at Toei  Animation said that Yui and Mai were supposed to appear in the show but there were still changes needed to be made for the first series .(I got this from some of my secret anime news sources so don't judge me , please .) But, overall, Mai was pretty much the very first cure ever to handle the power of the meteor shower and wielding a giant meteor (controlling it without any casualties).It has also already been official that Mai and Yui are the second set of twins ever to have their own unique cure powers they were born with and they also finally get enough screen time in my manga works as well .

Early Life

Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor was born on the same day just like her twin sister Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter on May 27,1970, at the Hellsing Organization Family Hospital at their family residence known as the newly rebuilt International Kaleido Stage Hellsing Organization of Tokyo,Japan on Planet Earth 🌎 ​​​​​​ at 6:15 A.M. Their mother 's name was Farm Anice and their father was Hibiki  Ryo .Several years after their birth , the girls were forced to go on their own while  trying to go look for their parents , but instead they run into Taiga Ken-who actually holds a family secret known as the Jushin Liger -which was one of the keys that will officially end the Intergalactic War on March 4,1983 . But during the war ,

Mai realizes that she too along with Yui were the only two eternal virgin women who were part of the legendary Taiga clan and that they also hold a very special power
Jushin Liger-57f374a4e2384

Mai looks very surprised .

-these events were the official signs of Mai realizing that she is Cure Meteor . Mai is also the type of virgin woman when she gets very irritated at a stupid or an evil person 

Mai is looking very irritated about something (or somebody) while her sister Yui is trying to help cool her off .


Mai seems to be looking very concerned 😟 about something here...

who does very selfish things and so on . It turns out that Mai's favorite sport is actually tennis but it could mostly be soccer. Alongside the eternal Saint of Athena and Hestia named Misumi Nagisa/Cure Black, Mai is actually the official 2nd female tomboy ever to become a Cure . She is often quiet, keeps to herself and does say or do something in a quick second . Finally , she also likes to work with abused and neglected women and children at their Hellsing Organization 's legal services as a part time job who spending their very first early spring break vacation at the newly rebuilt Kaleido Stage Hellsing Organization of Tokyo,Japan on Planet Earth just several days after winning the Intergalactic War on the same day .Mai also has a huge tendency of working very hard and not stopping for a good quick break when she needs it .But overall , like the rest of the Mai of Athena and Hestia,  Mai still shows as a very powerful and positive role model for women and children everywhere .

Kamishiro  Mai/Cure Meteor 's Official Physical Appearances 

Mai is a very happy-go-lucky  casual girl but it does seem to show here that she does have an eye for great fashion ! So let's take a look at some of her appearances from the 1989 anime to this one  .

Jushin Liger -1989 Disney Anime

Jushin Riger N56 Mai Kamishiros

Mai is looking very concerned 😟 when Ken decided to hold hands with her but Ryu is holding her by her left hand...

In  this first scene,  Mai is seen wearing a short dark green minidress, with a bright yellow cover-up that ties around her lower (or to her waist art I guess )and has a small  green symbol-like design on the front . She has her Star Color Pendant around her neck (or for their safety , that and her Star Color Transformation pen are kept hidden from the bad guys  ) , she wears white socks, dark brown shoes with an ankle bracelet on somewhere....her huge reddish-brown hair (it's actually just brown hair streaks shown in the sun ) is done upward as the rest of the hair is pretty much somewhat growing longer in the back (I think  ....) . Mai 's favorite sport is also called tennis 
Jushin Riger80 30wa Mai Kamishiros

A very fierce Mai shows off her pretty well done tennis playing skills while-wait-she's being spied on by Ken ! Oh, no!

, in this second scene also from the anime , she is wearing a white summer style tennis outfit -the outfit here is pretty much edited in this photo cause it's the only one that I could find . She will wear this same tennis outfit again , but this time , she will be wearing her brown jacket while wearing her Star Color Pendant (with her brown Star Color Transformation pen hooked on the side of it) around her neck , with her guns, gravity saber and her belt altogether . This third outfit also just 
Jushin Riger N47 Yui and Mai 26was

It's finally summer vacation as Mai and Yui prepare to have fun at their family picnic !

shows her wearing her Star Color Pendant (2nd photo, same outfit) ,it's also shown here in this up to while wearing a short -sleeved dark blue shirt, a blue and white striped headband that goes around her huge reddish brown hair, yellow shorts , white socks with grills , and wearing dark blue tennis shoes with yellow shoelaces on  them  .She is also seen holding a kendo  sword in her left hand , asking if anybody dares to challenge her and her sister Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter to a friendly kendo match...her fourth outfit officially appears in the Disney's Pretty Cure All Stars and Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure/Disney's Star 🌟Twinkle Pretty Cure 2: Amazing Adventures Back Home in Tokyo,Japan and Amazing Adventures all Over Planet Earth 🌎!  , where Mai finally begins to show her stuff at an upcoming baking competition in downtown Shinjuku goes horribly wrong . 

Cure Meteor

Cure Meteor is the official alter ego of Jushin Liger 's Kamishiro Mai. In order to transform into Cure Meteor, Mai needs both her Star Color Pendant and her brown -colored Star Color Transformation pen . She can also use baby meteor showers to wrap herself in a bright yellowish ball of light and jump up higher into the air as a huge meteor and lands safely to complete her pose. Pretty cool, huh ?

 Color Charge !

Of course , when trouble starts brewing, Mai has a very weird habit of running , hopping and jumping into trees and landing on top of high rise buildings . She now takes out her Star Color Pendant and her brown -colored Star Color Transformation pen and begins to sing and dance . She uses her pen to create a very strong crimson meteorite that she hopes up into. Then, she uses her pen to create her bangle bracelets (in  the shape of meteor showers)  creates her jewel-like meteorite earrings, then she presses the middle of her Star Color Pendant with her Star Color Transformation pen and finally creates the rest of her saint armor . Her boots with brown and crimson rhinestones at the top of them and three more at the bottom of her feet, then her fuzzy-like brown "Dear Dollie "gloves show up on her hands , she adds crimson meteorite jewels on the front of the gloves and around the gloves, she then adds a meteorite -jeweled belt around her waist . Then finally, she adds a two-feathered  hair barrette on the right side of her hair and adds two medium-sized meteorite jewels at the bottom of her boots along with her Gundam -summoning jeweled gauntlet along with her Gundam -summoning jeweled bracelet on her wrist on her right arm .

Finally after that,  she puts on her mask and begins to strike a pose -making her zodiac sign of the meteor shower after when she has finished singing as her Star Color Pendant shows up on the front of her saint armor , and both her regular Star Color Pendant and her Star Color Transformation pen are put into her pouch . It is also noted that both her gun and her gravity saber and her additional belt have also appeared . Then she finally begins to introduce herself while beginning to strike a pose of her constellation birth zodiac sign .

Cure Meteor 's Attacks

Here is a list of Cure Meteor 's special attacks . But please note that some of her moves do automatically come out of the blue without any warning . So she tries to keep them under control no !after what what-She can only use  of these moves while on a life-saving mission .

Burning Meteor Attack !-Cure Meteor's main first move . This move can only be activated when she gets very angry when she sees something wrong , her Star Color Pendant activates and she uses her clenched left fist (with her right hand on her gravity saber ) then runs, jumps up higher into the air them quickly turns her eternal body over to do a roundhouse kick and then aims her meteorite fireball-like fist at the enemy . This is actually a close range attack than just like this 2nd attack .

Meteor Shower Ryu Sen Ken! - (流星群リュウセンケン! Ryūsei-gun ryuusenken!) (Meteor Shower Shooting Meteor Fist)- This second attack is also a close range attack , meaning that she can use this attack from the ground or in the air (which she prefers ) . This move can only be used with her anger and her Star Color Pendant -creating her meteorite zodiac sign as she does her positioning of the 14 stars of her meteorite constellation , she jumps up higher into the air , drops her eternal body carefully into a roundhouse kick position and then out comes her flurry of baby meteorites from her left hand.  There is also an upgraded version of the attack where she can use both hands as they are locked together and release even more stronger baby meteorites .

Burning Meteor Blast! (バーニングメテオブラスト! Bāningumeteoburasuto!)- This is actually the most strongest of all of Cure Meteor's attacks . It could only be used with her anger and her Star Color Pendant -also when her anger gets to the highest level . As demonstrated -her attack goes like this-jumping up higher into the air, she turns her eternal body carefully (as usual)to the left then spreads both arms wide as she begins to spin higher into the air and gains position by putting a jeweled baby meteorite into the gun's barrel, says an incantation, then takes out her Amethyst Meteorite Jewel Cannon, puts both of her hands together on the trigger, finishes the incantation then fires a very powerful loud explosion that can defeat almost  any enemy with one shot .

Scorpio Meteor Gun ! -(さそり座流星銃-Sasori-za ryūsei jū)-This attack can only be used with both her anger and her Star Color Pendant . There is also the Scorpio Princess Color Pen that can be insert at the bottom of the gun (the trigger part next to the jeweled wind-up knob that she can used to load it ) , says a very short incantation, then quickly fires the shot  once the bullet is inserted and she winds it up . The design of her Scorpio Meteor Gun is actually like her regular machine gun but the Sea in and colors are different . The shape reveals to be like crimson red with brown and green designs on it . On the left side of the weapon is a green jeweled wind-up  knob that lets her load up her weapon that could charge and make a very powerful attack  . It also has three buttons on the side of it .

Aquarius Meteor Gun ! (アクエリアスメテオガン Akueriasumeteogan!) -The Aquarius  Meteor Gun 's attack can also be used the same way as the Scorpio one, by the Star Color Pendant and her anger . But she also uses the already obtained Aquarius Princess Color Pen -and again-she uses the heart-shaped jeweled wind-up knob to let her load her weapon's Purity Bullet  and call off her attack . The design of her Aquarius Meteor Gun is shaped as the same one -but with different colors and buttons . The front of her weapon shows the barrel and trigger are covered with shades of blue with golden trimmings . On the right side it has three buttons plus a few hidden ones (just like her Scorpio Meteor Gun) that can play each melody . There is also a jeweled heart-shaped wind-up knob that she can use to load it up and make up her attack . The rest of the weapon shows the rest of the weapon's body has different shades of translucent red and yellow with blue and golden trimmings on it .

Cancer Meteor Gun ! (ガンメテオガン! Ganmeteogan!)-Like both the Scorpio Meteor Gun and the Aquarius Meteor Gun, this attack can also be used with her Star Color Pendant and her anger . She also has the Cancer Princess Pen that she had obtained from Cure Beat in episode 3 (episode 52) when they went to go face off against the masked woman in red and her Aragami solider by using the yellow circle-shaped  wind-up knob that she can use once the Shining Purity Bullet is inserted into the gun , winds it up and then calls off her attack . The design of the Cancer Meteor Gun has regular shades of yellow and orange with golden trimmings , but the whole entire body of the weapon has a shade of teal with golden trimmings with -this time six buttons on the left side of the weapon . 

Ultra Shining Southern Cross Shot! (超輝くサザンクロスショット! Chō kagayaku sazankurosushotto!)-This attack can only be used when the Knights of Athena and Hestia are still in their Gundams with their signature weapons along with their Twinkle Sticks and their signature Twinkle finiasher move attacks .  

Super Ultra Star Twinkle Imagination ! スーパーウルトラスタートゥインクルイマジネーション! Sūpāurutorasutāto~uinkuruimajinēshon!  )-This attack can only be used when all of the Knights of Athena and Hestia are all together with Fuwa while wearing their Twinkle Style saint armors .


Mai is pretty much better off a as a tomboy than be ladylike . She can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges and is the only Cure who is a better fighter than a romantic lover  and can get recklessly out of control while going on a mission . But overall, Mai is just pretty much a straight up fighter who just wants the whole Earth to listen to her .

Family Relationships

Mai is pretty much better off just hanging out with her newfound family at the newly rebuilt Kaleido Stage Hellsing Organization of Tokyo,Japan on Planet Earth 🌎instead of being out and about in public . She can be seen pretty much hanging out with some of the Knights of Athena and Hestia while going on very different life-saving missions :

Amamiya Elena/Cure Soleil A Cure who is also an eternal virgin who pretty much likes anime more than men and is one of the Cures who are not allowed to follow in love . Elena is a very strong female saint and she can be a bit hard to read while training Mai to use her saint armor and learn her powers .

Mass-Amamiya Sayla/Cure Sparkle ❇-Another Cure who is an eternal virgin like Elena and the rest of the female saints  . She is also Elena 's adoptive twin sister who also likes  anime than men . Sayla is very good at using her navigation skills and can be also good at languages .

Hoshina Hikaru/Cure Star -the eternal virgin "oldest " sister of Hoshina-Mackenzie Christina/Cure Winter/Cure Snowflake, Hoshina-Mackenzie Maia/Cure Winter/Cure Snowflake, (Fairchild) Mizuhara Max & niece of (Fairchild) Arno Cecily & Seabook . Mai seems to be well reserved around Hikaru when it comes to

Kinomura Seika/Cure Sugar- 

Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter -Mai's twin sister who is also a Cure with an ability to have Photographic Memory -meaning that once she sees something , she'll try her best to remember it . Yui loves to cook and watch classic western movies and TV shows -and just like her sister Mai, she too is an adventuress and can also be of a "Lady McGyver" but cooking up some stuff to get out of dangerous situations .

Amamiya Anna/Cure 

Bidan Yuni/Cure Cosmo -Mai has no problems with opening up to Yuni. Besides , did anybody know that Yuni has a twin brother named Bidan Kamille ? While going on to some life-saving missions, Mai has developed a very strong and powerful habit of speaking to Yuni in Episode 03 (it's going to be more than hilarious ) when she is worried about something . Yuni tells her that the Cold War will be peacefully over with before we know it and Mai agrees -which also shocks Yusei  because he wants to tell Mai about what's going on in East Germany  and about the other stuff that's happening, but according to Yuni, she says that it's rather disturbing that herself has a loss  for words -so does Mai .

Takanaka Yui/Cure Sprinkle - Mai meets but  does not say anything much  to her . But in some episodes , she could be seen having several attempts to try and work together with Cure Yell, Cure Sugar, Cure Ange and Cure Sprinkle to do a very special attack while on a mission in Honolulu -as of right now-that has....never happened.....yet .

Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty -The only sweet & loyal true love of her boyfriend Cygnus Hyoga . She is also the official adoptive mother of Reika-Haguromo Lala/Cure Milky -who's parents were killed prior before the events of this show & the upcoming 2020 Disney film Amazing Stardust Memories! . To her & Hyoga -they both treat Lala like a  true eternal virgin female saint as well as a brave fighter .  Mai is very fond of Aoki when it comes to winning her very first baking competition -and is also a very warm & caring person (like me) who also had no choice but to take in both Yui & Mai into their official makeshift adoptive family -making both Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter & Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor to become the official adoptive older sisters of Lala . Cygnus Reika Hyoga -Aoki's one & only true sweet & loyal lovely boyfriend . He & Aoki also have the same powers as well as their bond between them will never  break loose . He is also the official adoptive father of Reika-Haguromo Lala/Cure Milky -whom he admires very much . & Like his eternal girlfriend Reika Aoki, he  is also pretty much of a person of positive deep understanding when it comes to dealing with loss of a family member or anything else . Mai also shows a very deep but positive father & daughter relationship with Hyoga -making her become the very first Cure ever to have a better example of how to maintain positive family relationships .

Reika-Haguromo Lala/Cure Milky -The only  eternal virgin adoptive daughter of Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty & her eternal boyfriend Cygnus Reika Hyoga . Lala's parents have been announced as "officially deceased " after they were both killed inside Megazone Two Three . They were both murdered by Murashita Tomomi 's killer (name will be announced ) before the final year of the Intergalactic War . Lala is also saddened by the fact that she hasn't seen her brother Lolo anywhere . She now officially has two older sisters -Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter & Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor.  She is also very open to them , meaning that Lala herself has learned a lot from her adoptive older sisters such as making a very positive example to making the Planet Earth 🌎 a better place to live on .

Cosmic Bidan Kamille-He is the official twin brother of the eternal virgin female saint of Athena and Hestia named Bidan Yuni/Cure Cosmo who almost suffered

Earlier Events That Happened to us During the Intergalactic War on April 3,1968-March 4,1983

During the Intergalactic War, Mai & her twin sister Yui were both trying to look for any survivors who are imprisoned inside Megazone Two Three until they had somehow mistakenly crossed paths with a young boy named Taiga Ken-who is the only "pilot" of his bio-armor known as the Jushin Liger -was also looking for any survivors aboard Megazone Two Three as well . Then, once they had finally team up with each other while becoming closer to each other like family, Mai, Yui & Ken also crossed paths with Dolk Ryu -who is later revealed to be the older brother of the two Pretty Cures Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter & Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor.

Both Mai & Yui were constantly involved with their older brother Ryu & his fight to regain his memories back while fighting against the Megazone's Dragonite Empire . A lot of times, the Kamishiro twins would accidentally get involved in various situations . At first, after meeting Ken at one of the sealed off area of Megazone Two Three, both her & Yui help him win the fight against the evil Dragonite Empire 's devious minion .
Jushin Liger-57f374a5e025d

Mai grinning over her graceful victory of kicking Ken's tail while You looks very surprised at her .

After that, while Ken tries to hug Mai (or whatever it is he does right on the spot ) , he then gets violently kicked by Mai's Meteor Kick Attack ! 

After her amazing victory , Mai is asked by Yui if they would like to report the "All Clear " to Elena & Sayla aboard the Arcadia . Mai then gives Yui a very surprised look . Then , she starts to agree with her saying that they should really get a move on if they want to hurry up & find the rest of the survivors aboard Megazone Two Three right away ! Earlier on, while going on an evening bike ride (and finding out if there are any more survivors aboard Megazone Two Three), Mai & her twin sister Yui had bumped into Ken, again ! 
Jushin Riger27 18wa Mai Kamishiros (1)

Kamishiro Yui/Cure Glitter & Kamishiro Mai/Cure Meteor are riding on bikes to get away from the danger .

Jushin Liger-57f374a4e2384

Mai looks very surprised .

and this time, they had managed to help him fight against no other than the mysterious young man himself-Dolk Ryu . As a very quick result of this mess, both Yui & Mai tend to quickly resolve the matter -by going out to look for him on their own ! 
Hqdefault - 2020-01-13T190554.749

Mai & Yui are feeling strongly connected to Ryu at at the 2nd ending song's closing screenshot .

Later Events  That Happened During the Intergalactic War

Here in this scene, Mai and Yui can be seen awakening their cure powers while Ken is out and about battling against the Dragonite soldier . 

Mai and Yui have their hands together all of a sudden . Could this be the next sign of them becoming Cure Meteor and Cure Glitter ? Could be....

Like her sister Yui, Mai can also be a kind, passionate and a very tough-cookie-to-crack woman just like me , they also like anime and manga more than evil and lovestruck men -also like the rest of the eternal virgin cures along with the rest of the Knights of Athena and Hestia,  Mai and Yui share one thing in common:to fight and protect Earth and humanity while bringing true peace and to keep this world from ending. Mai is also very interested in taking swift action against climate change, meaning that we need to act now before it's too late !
Jushin Liger-57f374a5e025d

Mai grinning over her graceful victory of kicking Ken's tail while Yui looks very surprised at her .

 She is also very good at athletic skills-meaning that like me-her and Yui were both self-taught in handing weapons and martial arts without getting hurt or messed up . Now that's what's up! Also, a very unfortunate thing happened to both her and Yui- it seems that Dolk-Kamishiro Ryu is actually their long-lost older brother !  For some strange unknown reason, Mai too remembers him as her and Yui were taking a much needed temporary vacation from Ken after trying not to fight with him . While at the underground cafe and arcade room, Mai and Yui finally meet Ryu while trying to keep him company by trying to refresh his memories .

Yui and Mai are trying to convince Ryu that they are his sisters while trying to restore his memories .

But however, things start to become  to make a lot more sense when Mai finally tells him that all three of them have the same parents named Anice and Hibiki Ryo .  But to make matters worse, the whole truth starts to come out when Ryu finally got his chance to confess to Yui that he wants to hear what she & Mai have to say about what happened In their earlier childhood .

After that , Mai is then forced to try and become a decoy for the Dragonite Empire by disguising as her sister Yui but , unfortunately -the plan failed . During the final days of the Intergalactic War from January 1st-March 4,1983 , Mai is finally reunited with Ken, Rie, Yui , Saeko and their friends who were waiting outside the Galaxy Express 999 with everybody else including the Knights of Athena and Hestia aboard their ships, getting ready to return to Earth . Mai is seen looking all over the completely ruined Megazone Two Three, til she is greeted by Beals Jennifer (Shimata Natsuki) and Takemoto Hikari, who were both escorted by Ryu -Mai  jumps up and hugs him while shedding tears and crying out for him, saying that he himself-as well  is glad to be alive . Ken tells both Ryu and Mai that it is time go to back to Earth 🌎 .Mai agrees and so does Ryu and they get aboard the Galaxy Express 999 heading back to Earth .

Jushin Riger N56 Mai Kamishiros

Mai is looking very concerned 😟 when Ken decided to hold hands with her but Ryu is holding her by her left hand...


Ryu, Mai and Ken join up with everybody else as they board the Galaxy Express 999 to lead us back to Earth .

And this is where this next important event is going to be ..


The name Mai is of Japanese origin.舞 The meaning of Mai is "dance".

THe name is generally and often used as a woman's name that contains 3 letters and 1 syllable that makes up her pretty name .

The name "Mai"can also come from 真 (ma) meaning "real, genuine" combined with 愛 (ai) meaning "love, but the name can sometimes mean "Special Love" since that Mai is actually a Cure .

The name "Kamishiro" is also of Japanese origin .神城 Her and Yui's last name "Kamishiro" means "God's Daughters"  (Since Kamishiro is a woman's name .) but it could easily be translated as "God's Daughters of the Castle "

The Coming of True Peace Festival

At the start of the Coming of True Peace Festival at the Sanctuary in Greece, Mai and her sister Yui finally arrive at the main entrance but did not want to go in . She can be seen with Yui hiding a couple of the fairy mascots in her arms while standing next to Yui-who is holding Hummy in her arms til Belle , Hiro, Ariel, Hana, Shypre and Coffret went towards them , saying that Saeba Ryo and Ryo  Bakura are trying to take over the festival . Mai goes after them and finds them in the nick of time -then finished them off with her Burning Meteor Blast! That attack had also help Cure Milky, Cygnus Hyoga and Cure Beauty completely freeze them to death . At the end of the festival , Mai and the two fairy mascots finally meet up with her sister Yui and Hummy at the entrance, telling both her and Hummy that it's all over now and they finally join the rest of the Knights of Athena and Hestia as they watch the fireworks and sing their song .


Aftermath of the Coming of True Peace Festival -the International Kaleido Stage Hellsing Organization of Tokyo, Japan on Planet Earth 🌎 -New Twinkle Imagination and Allies !

2 days after the Coming of True Peace Festival at the Sanctuary in Greece, it is now March 6,1983 and Mai is now  just waking up to something really bizarre .
TV Tokyo Sign On (1981-1998)

TV Tokyo Sign On (1981-1998)

Tokyo 12 (now officially TV Tokyo)original sign-up and sign -off logo from the 1980s .The reason why this video is added here is because that this sequel takes place in the futuristic 1980s Tokyo here on Earth at that time . The visuals are pretty much cooler at that time when the 80s were heating up . Please enjoy ! Also it is a very bizarre alarm clock for people who are actually early birds -pretty much like myself and this is definitely enough to spook the back out of somebody . If anybody has any questions please feel to free ask ! Enjoy !

Yep, this is the only culprit that would definitely wake up somebody in the early wee hours of the morning. Does anybody agree ? Can any of us imagine that happening on Christmas morning ?

Anyway, her and her  twin sister Yui are officially now living at the newly rebuilt International Kaleido Stage Hellsing Organization of Tokyo,Japan on Planet Earth 🌎 (their place is pretty huge , no offense .) And of course, waking up to something like that does really scare the heck out of somebody, can it ? After doing their usual morning routine, Mai is unexpectedly brought over to Dragon Shiryu and his eternal girlfriend Hino Akane/Cure Sunny 's room -where she caught Lala and her eternal adoptive parents Hyoga and Aoki standing next to Eagle Marin, her eternal husband Pegasus Seiya and their adoptive daughter Madoka/Cure Pegasus-Selene , who is standing next to her adoptive sisters and her eternal cousin Seika, who is holding Fuwa in her arms  . Shiryu tells them that they have been called in On a life-saving mission to capture a mysterious pair of jewel thieves who have just recently robed a jewelry store in the heart of a shopping mall in Kyoto and now-much to Mai 's guess (exactly) -the two jewel thieves have already decided to go to the U.S. and head for the state of Hawaii . Ikki cuts in and says that between him and Homare, capturing jewel thieves and child abusers are pretty much their specialty . Shiryu nods but then Akane tells them that they will have no choice to go to Hawaii and then gives them the exact location -Honolulu .

without having any choice, Mai sighs and says that she will have no choice but to go but she has to be placed in a group of 15 people and the mission

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