Kaiwa Shiori
is part of the Earth Defense Pretty Cure! series
and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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Kaiwa Shiori
Kaiwa Shiori Profile
Biographical Information
Season Earth Defense Pretty Cure! LOVE!
Kanji 会話詩織
Rōmaji Kaiwa Shiori
Also known as Staruru
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Maroon Brown (Tsukiko)
Grey (Staruru)
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd year High School Student
Affiliation Kawai High School
(Poet Club)
Personal Status
Hobbies Monologging
Anime EDPCL03
Voice Actors

Kaiwa Shiori (会話詩織 Kaiwa Shiori?) is a supporting character in Earth Defense Pretty Cure! LOVE!. She is a second year student at Kawai High School, and member of the Poet Club.

Shiori is the antagonist of episode 3, and transforms into a Staruru.


Shiori has short, curly maroon brown hair that spilts out evenly in the middle where some baby hair are loosely hanging. Her eyes are yellow, and she has bushy eyebrows.

Her school uniform is a zipped up black vest with white-high lights, a white blouse with a red tie, a black skirt, white stockings, and dark brown shoes.

As a Staruru, Shiori's hair stays the same but the colour turns grey. Her pupils are smaller and eyebrows become thiner. She wears a grey-black dress, white gloves and dark grey stockings, and white boots. She also wears a grey cape and big yellow bow tie.


Shiori is rather eccentric, and prone to monologue/talk in confusing poems. She also sometimes comes off as crazy by little children as she mumbles to herself a lot.



Kosho Akiyuki and Kosho Haruyuki - Shiori had heard rumours about the twins before they confronted her about her anger, which she openly explains, but is ridiculed by them after. She immediately walked away in frustration, disliking the two ever since.




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