Personal Information
Birthday Date???
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceDark Tower
Anime Information
SeasonMerry Christmas! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceMCPC37
Kage (カゲ Kage) is the leader of Sorrow. For the first half of the series, he doesn't appear but you can hear his voice telling the commanders to try harder or to defeat Pretty Cure or if they have destroyed Delightful Kingdom and Christmas yet. In Episode 37, he fully appears and attacks Pretty Cure, to find that Cure Merry is the one holding the team together.


Sometime before the series, he had invaded a neighbouring world of Delight Kingdom's, and had it destroyed. In the beginning of the series, he and his commanders invaded Delightful Kingdom and battled the Pretty Cure of the kingdom. He had only destroyed the garden of the kingdom as Remi had told Ichinose Miyabi and Ayase Sachiko. Now, Kage awaits for his commanders to defeat Pretty Cure but had to appear in Episode 37 to see what is keeping him waiting.


Kage resembles a mid-age man with black hair and red eyes. He wears a dark purple and black outfit.


As the leader of Sorrow, he is strong and fierce. He can defeat the Pretty Cure's Christmas Quartet Blast with a blast of sorrowful energy from his sword. He can also teleport, so the Cures have a bit of trouble trying to attack him. He can also make Yasha's but they are a whole lot stronger than the subordinates. In the final battle, he gets a stronger form where he an use a stronger blast of energy and move a lot faster.


Kage (カゲ) - Kage (影) means "shadow" and could refer to his powers.


  • Kage is one of the villains from the Pretty Cure franchise to look human.
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