Kagamine Moira
Kagamine Moira
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPink
Home PlaceHoshi Akari
Anime Information
SeasonIdol Star Pretty Cure♪
First AppearanceISPC05
SeiyuuAmamiya Sora

Kagamine Moira (鏡音モイラ Kagamine Moira) is a minor character who appears in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. She is the roommate of Umino Hitomi, and her idol talent is singing.


Moira has long brown hair styled into a ponytail which end in two thick ringlets. Her bangs are parted down the middle, and has pink eyes. She is mostly seen wearing the Yumesaki Academy uniform.


Moira appears to be a friendly girl who enjoys teasing Hitomi, but the two girls remain good friends. However, Moira is also distant and lonely for an unknown reason.


  • Umino Hitomi - Hitomi and Moira are roommates, and although Moira likes to tease Hitomi, both girls remain close friends.


First Appearance and Becoming a Namida

Moira first appears in ISPC05, when she walks into her dorm room and greets Hitomi, who is reading the Book of Stars. Moira asked if anything was wrong, and a surprised Hitomi said that she was fine, but Moira was suspicious. Moira sat down on the lower bunk bed, and complimented Hitomi for her work on Pearl Detective. Hitomi thanked her, and complimented Moira for her concerts, which are always a success. Moira smiled, and replied that if Hitomi was complimented, she always returns the favour by complimenting them back. Hitomi laughed, and then stood up. She said that she had to meet with her friends, and Moira smiled, saying that she thought she was Hitomi's friend. Hitomi laughed, and replied that she could have more than one friend. Moira agreed with that, and waved Hitomi goodbye as she walked out. When Hitomi was gone, Moira walked over to the desk and looked at the Book of Stars, and gasped. She quickly shoved the Book of Stars into the top drawer of the desk, and then ran out of the room.

Later, Sisyphus turns Moira into a Namida, however, her Namida freezes, and Sisyphus seemed to realise something about Moira. Moira is soon rescued after Cure Serenade purified the Namida.



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