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Kaede Akabane is the twin sister of Kyoko Akabane and a second year student at Hoshizora Academy. She is also known as Cure Fortuna.


Kaede is a smart young woman. She is the Queen Bee of Hoshizora Academy and though she looks dumb, she is actually one of the top student at the school. Kaede still has a snobby side to her, but according to her sister Kyoko, 'it's gotten better'.


Kaede has wavy blonde hair and gold eyes, fair skin and a slender body. Lots of boys end up falling for her.


As Cure Fortuna

"Oh goddess of fortune, I call upon your power! Cure Fortuna!"



  • Her magical girl form is based off of the Roman goddess of fortune, Fortuna.
  • Kaede is partly based off of series creator Yukie Todoroki.
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