Personal Information
Age15 (SL!PC)

16 (SL!PCAS)

Birthday Date28th September
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceMichimura
RelativesJuly (younger sister)
Anime Information
SeasonSolar Light! Pretty Cure

Solar Light! Pretty Cure - Another Story

First AppearanceSL!PC10

 Julian is one of villains of Solar Light! Pretty Cure, however he doesn't seem evil and isn't sure if he agrees with Shadow. Later on he decides to help cures and becomes supporting character in second season.


Julian has shoulder lenght light brown hair and dark blue eyes. 





Ito Sumire - When first meeting each other Sumire and Julian had no idea about who the other one is and quickly seemed to get along despite both of them being more introverted type of person. They often started to meet each other and became very close. As Julian never showed himself when creating Kagewaru, Sumire didn't know that Julian was part of Shadow and Julian didn't know about about her being pretty cure either. They started to fall in love. After Julian saw Sumire transform into Cure Splash he stole her Jewel Key because he didn't want to fight her however he returned it after he saw Sumire get hurt trying to help her firends despite being unable to transform. After Sumire learned his identity she was very sad and said that there is no way she could fight him despite Tomoyo getting mad at her as she believed that neglects her duty as pretty cure. After an important fight Yamitiara activated darkness hole which would destroy cures and Julian along with big part of the town. Julian kisses Sumire and helps cures stop the hole however in the process he used way too much power and is taken away by Yamitiara.

July - His younger sister. Julian cares a lot for her. It's later revealed that he joined Shadow because he was told by Yamitiara that doing that will save her, but in reality Yamitiara is the one who stole July's Heart Light Crystal.

Hikarimoto Takuro -





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