Jubilee Pretty Cure!: A Parallel Meeting?!
映画ジュビリープリキュア! 並行の会議 ?!
Eiga Jubirī Purikyua!: Heikō no kaigi?!
SeriesJubilee Pretty Cure!
Original ReleaseOctober 2019
DirectorTachibana Nora
OpeningHappiness Connect! Jubilee Pretty Cure! (movie ver.)
Jubilee Pretty Cure! The Movie: A Parallel Meeting?! (映画ジュビリープリキュア! 並行の会議 ?!) is the 26th movie produced by Toei Animation, and features characters from Bandai Namco's Taiko no Tatsujin franchise. The movie will release in Japan sometime in October 2019.


I'm Wada Hanami! Hina doesn't feel like herself after the shenanigans that we had to endure, so we decided to have a vacation to get her spirits back up~! We finally arrive and...what's this? A strange portal appears, and it actually leads to somewhere else...let's investigate!
Where are we now!? It looks like Japan's not the part where we live... And there are living Taiko drums here!? This isn't an awkward dream, right?? Oh, and Hina's spirits are lifted when she meets another robot~~ But as we start to warm up to each other, a rip in the sky begins to grow! And if we don't stop the being that is causing this rip, both our world and our new friends' world will be destroyed!? Who's behind this!?!?


Pretty Cure

Wada Hanami (和田はなみ)
A young girl, as well as Yoshino's older twin sister. Hanami has a brave spirit, and is willing to tackle down whatever stands in her way. However, her lack of caution has lead her to break her left arm, and is slightly less adventurous as a result. She loves eating, and wants to do it competitively in the future. She transforms into Cure Spring (キュアスプリング), whose theme color is pink and has the power of nature.

Wada Yoshino (和田よしの)
Hanami's younger twin sister, and an aspiring actress. She is jealous of her sister's strong personality and wants to become someone like her, but is afraid that she will end up in the same situation that Hanami had been in. She is a huge fan of media, and will not stop until she is caught up on the newest trends of the season. She transforms into Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー), whose theme color is blue and has the power of space.

"Hina" (「ひな」)
The mysterious girl(?) who the twins found at the beginning of the story. Hina claims to be suffering from amnesia, and is trying to figure out who she really is. Regardless, she has a huge interest in collecting dolls, seemingly because that was what gave her the name "Hina". For some reason, she likes to say "nanora~!" at the end of her sentences, which slightly bugs Yoshino. She transforms into Cure Future (キュアフューチャー), whose theme color is yellow and has the power of time.


Owen (オーウェン)

Movie-Only Characters

Wada Don (和田どん)

Wada Katsu (和田かつ)

Alumi (アルミ)


  • This is the first movie where the Cures meet characters from another franchise.


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