This is the second episode list CureKanade has made.

This is a list of fan-made episodes for Jewel Precure! This is aiming to have around 48-50 episodes.

List of "Episodes"

Episode No. Name Villain (in bold)  Jewel Summary

1. Scarlett's family is targeted! Cure Ruby is Born! Spit Garnet- Scarlett lived a normal life when on her brother's birthday they went to a park for lunch when a villain named Spit came and hurt her brother and took a gem out of his chest. When suddenly a light blue and white cat appeared out of the sky and  landed in Scarlett's arms and gave her a device that looked like a DS that was called the Jewel Pod and told her to say Pretty Cure Jewel Heart Open! and Scarlett did what she was told and transformed into Cure Ruby and attacked the Kuraihoseki and defeated it with her attack Ruby Fire Flame. When her brother woke up they returned to having lunch but with one more mouth to feed.

2. Should I? The Cure of water is born! Spit Zircon

3. Of to Scarlett's little brother's play! Spit Peridot

4. The ballet studio teacher is targeted! Cure Emerald dancing brilliantly! Spit Padparadscha

5. Emily is horrified! Amy is Targeted! Spit Amethyst

6. Amy is Cure Amethyst! Pretty Cure of Illusions is born!  Spit

7. The three Cures and Gem tell Amy a story. Spit

8. The search for the last two Cures begin! Spit

9. Lyra the new transfer student. Spit

10. The new mascot is here! Lyra is the Cure of Light?! Spit

11. Lyra is the fifth Cure! Why doesn't she want to join?

12. The Cure of Ice is born!  Spit

13. Lyra joins the team with Sparkle. Spit

14. Emily is a fan of Scarlett? But why?!

15. Spit's last chance to shine! Goodbye Spit. Spit

16. The new villain is here! The good looking Jasper makes an appearance. Jasper

17.  No way! You can't be stuck in detention all day! A new attack. Jasper

18.  Emily's ballet concert. A new windy attack. Jasper

19. The other cures are worried. Where are their upgrade attacks? Jasper

20.  Another upgrade attack. Illusions Disappear Attack. Jasper

21. Lyra stands up for herself at last! Jasper

22. Nita wants to leave Pretty Cure! Nita's new attack. Jasper

23. Scarlett is the only one without an new attack. Scarlett disappears. Jasper

24. Wahh! He won't stop falling me around! Scarlett is followed. Jasper

25. Finally! Fire flame Wheel appears at last! Jasper

26. Thats strange. The Kuraihoseki is weaker than usual. Jasper

27. Huh? Wait...Jasper you want to join our side. Japser says goodbye to the dark side. Jasper

28. A new attack weapon!? The strongest villain arrives. Opal

29. Student council showdown! Scarlett fights hard to keep her rightful place. Opal

30. Safira's teasing goes to far. Emily and Safira won't talk to each other! Opal

31. Operation 1. Get Emily and Safira back to being friends! Opal

32. A magical item! Jewel Chest appears! Opal

33. Huh? Jasper is back. Scarlett goes on a Date?! Opal

34. Jasper tells the cures about Steen. Opal

35. Sparkling Jewels save us! Pretty Cure Sparkle Jewels! Opal

36. Let goe on a treasure hunt. Hunting for jewels. Opal

37. No! Mr and Mrs Sweetheart is targeted! Opal

38. Runa-sensei is gettting married! Runa-sensei's soon-to-be-husband is targeted! Opal

39. Everyone is invited to the wedding! Why Runa-sensei Opal?! Opal

40. Of the to meet Princess Topaz! Attack in Jewel Land! Opal

41.  Swoosh! Rollor coosters are so much fun! Opal

42. Getting ready for Christmas! Beautiful Fireworks on Christmas Eve. Opal

43. Merry Christmas everyone! Opal strikes again! Opal

44. The final battle is coming up! Give us a break!

45. Queen Quartz makes an appearance at last! Opal and Queen Quartz

46. Farewell Opal. You will be missed. Opal

47. The strongest battle yet! The cures are nearly out of power! Queen Quartz

48. Sparklimg Jewels everywhere! Jewel Pretty Cure! Queen Quartz

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