Jewel Heart
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Jewel Heart's without an item.

Jewel Heart (pronounced Jew-ell Hart) is the main collectible item in Prism Pretty Cure!. It is said that each Jewel Heart's colour, gem and item reflects the owner's wish and personality and are never the same between two individuals.

It is shown that a Jewel Heart will change to a dark purplish-grey if a new feeling of darkness towards the owner's wish is more dominant. However, regardless of how strong the wish is manipulated, those feelings will always disappear when purified along with the Jewel Heart.

When a Jewel Heart is manipulated, the body separates into two things: the Jewel Heart transforms into a Kurayami together with a chant, and the owner is imprisoned within a floating orb structure. However, if the Jewel Heart doesn't transform into a Kurayami, the orb can change in size, capable of carrying. The owner can only return to normal if the Jewel Heart is purified or is able to break out of the trance by their self, which is a very rare occasion.

The Shadow Domain primarily use Jewel Hearts to form the Kurayami or collect them for a greater purpose. It is stated that if the owner contains a strong amount of magical energy or the more a Jewel Heart is darkened by another force, the stronger the Kurayami will be.

The Prism Chest is capable of holding Jewel Hearts inside, but unlike the Shadow Domain, it creates a copy of the original as to not disturb its place within the owner.

List of Jewel Hearts

Episode Owner Jewel Heart Manipulated by Wish Purified with
"Prologue - A Dark Tragedy"

(episode 0)

Hoshino Evelyn Purple Amethyst Grimm To restore peace between the realms Grand Amore
"The Wish Upon A Star"

(episode 1)

Unknown Orange Fluorite Orion To grow a beautiful flower Schnee Spiral
"Vanish to Nothingness"

(episode 2)

Mitsue Sayuri Green Emerald Orion To be bestfriends with Aine forever Schnee Spiral


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