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Jasper McQueen
It's Just Flash
Jasupā Makkuīn
Personal Information
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy
First AppearancePCNF01
Voice ActorJohn Magnolia

Jasper McQueen (ジャスパー・マックイーン Jasupā Makkuīn) is a minor character in Pretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy. This boy is very talented, but just because he plays football doesn't mean he means well. He has a big crush on Emma Monday, also known as Cure Destiny. Jasper seems pretty creepy to her, and everyone else too, so he's not invited to parties.


In episode 1, he is the one who started the bullying of Emma.

In episode 14, he starts to actually crush on Emma, and then he becomes an Anticrystal.


  • Jasper is based on Flash Johnson and some other characters too
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