Jasmine Shoji
Jasumin Shōji
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 6th
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorOrange
Home PlaceNaki Town
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Sol
Hair ColorRed (with yellow ombre)
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure of the Stars
First AppearancePCotS01

Jasmine Shoji (ジャスミン障子 Jasumin Shōji) is one of the two protagonists of Pretty Cure of the Stars. Shoji is known as a very handsome man in the high school, but his negative self esteem gets in the way of that. People think he cheats on tests only because of his high grades, but he swears that he doesn't. He stands up to bullying and has a little crush on Miyako. His alter ego is Cure Sol and his theme color is red and his secondary color is yellow.


Shoji is a totally tubular dude. He lives by the beach with his incredibly optimistic father, which causes a little bit of optimism in him. His life is basically perfect, with the exception of his mother being around...


  • Shoji, according to 2016 Nina, would actually be the second male Atsuiaka cure, with the first one being Cure Inferno, which would be in Atsuiaka's first ever Dream Stars movie. Unfortunately, that day where it was made would never come into intuition, and Cure Inferno was scrapped for being a carbon copy of the already planned out Shoji. This makes Shoji the first male Atsuiaka cure, with the second non-satirical one being Yukimura Jade.
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