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Personal Information
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceHalloween Kingdom
Anime Information
SeasonJoyful Heart! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceJHPC01

Jack (ジャックJakku) is a werewolf and the king of the Halloween Kingdom. He sent out Natsu to search for the legendary Pretty Cure Warriors.


Jack has long red hair and red eyes. His werewolf form has white fur.


Jack is very charismatic and eccentric, as well as quite flirtatious.


Recruiting Natsu

When Queen Adelina and King Camillo arrive to the Halloween Kingdom, Jack and his subjects greet them with a musical number, but he soon realizes the seriousness of the vampires' threat. Jack takes them to the castle and shows them the four Joyful Heart Stones that appeared in the kingdom three days prior. Three ignorant monsters try to prove themselves worthy to Jack, only for Jack to choose the timid Natsu to search for the legendary Pretty Cure Warriors.




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