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Personal Information
Age 12,008 (According to Masumi's research)
Gender Female
Hair Color White (as Iris), Blonde (as Less)
Eye Color Rainbow (as Iris), null (as Less)
Home Place Possibly the plane of the multiverse (As seen in Ghostbusters Invaders)
Power(s) Collecting souls
Symbol Iris
Anime Information
Season Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure!
First Appearance CGPC27
Seiyuu Noel Kagayaki

Iris (アヤメ Ayame), also known as Iris Less, is a girl who kidnapped the Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure! without any trace.


Iris is a literally white girl with white hair and a white dress and no shoes. She looks like she is about 12 years old, but this is just her default form, which does not evolve overtime. Her most defiant feature is her holographic-like eyes, hence the name "Iris".

As Iris Less, she is a blonde news reporter with a rose-colored suit. She has to wear sunglasses because when she is not in her default form, she is, well, irisless. In order to take people to limbo, she has to go to her default form, because it's the irises that make you go to limbo.


Iris has only said a few words in the show, things like "Ready" and "Urghhh" and stuff like that, so she isn't very talkative.


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From this point onward, there will be major spoilers. If you get shot through the heart, you're to blame. Thank you for your cooperation.

Iris is a multidimensional being capable of catching souls and putting them in limbo. She has captured Hidaka Sakuya, Shirogane Iori, Kaminari Rei and Akamine Kokoro for reasons originally unknown. Amami Kimi, Goto Shungo, Tominaga Masumi and Lei Meili had to replace them temporarily.

Chloe, however, found Chie outside her apartment hallway while Kimi's soul has been snatched by the Soul Snatcher. Perhaps Iris put the GCPC in 4 completely different places in Sedai City with no rhyme or reason.

In CGPC29, Iris is defeated.


  • Iris becomes the charm representing the iris mainly because her name is Iris, but also because of the fact that she only gets people that she or other people deem are bad, so she calls it good news.
  • Iris is the anime equivalent of the Collectors (a group) from the IDW Ghostbusters comics.