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The International Pretty Cure are Pretty Cure from different countries who exist in the Alo~ha Pretty Cure! universe.

Identified Cures

Hawaiian Pretty Cures

The Hawaiian team is called Alo~ha Pretty Cure and consists of two Cures and one fairy. The members are twin sisters known as Cure Sunset and Cure Wave. Their fairy partner is Aloalo. Their theme is flowers and dancing.

Main article: Alo~ha Pretty Cure!

Berlin Pretty Cures

Blühende Himmel Pretty Cure!
Buryūhendo Himeru Purikyua!
Alo~ha Pretty Cure!
Personal Info
Age14 (presumably)
SpeciesMagical Girls
Hair ColorBlonde (Einheit)
Red (Freiheit)
Eye ColorGold (Einheit)
Brown (Freiheit)
FamilyThey're twins
Home PlaceBerlin, Germany
First AppearanceAhPC02
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Einheit
Cure Freiheit
PowerConnection (Einheit)
Freedom (Freiheit)
LoyaltyBlue Sky Kingdom
Pretty Cure
Theme ColorYellow (Einheit)
Red (Freiheit)
The Berlin Pretty Cure team, Blühende Himmel Pretty Cure! (ブリューヘンド・ヒメルプリキュア! Buryūhendo Himeru Purikyua!?, translated as "Blooming Sky Pretty Cure!") consists of the twin sisters Cure Einheit (キュアエインアイツ Kyua Einaitsu?) and Cure Freiheit (キュアフライアイツ Kyua Furaiaitsu?). Their attack is Wunder Richtung (ワンダー・リッチタング Wandā Ritchitangu?), which can translate to "Miracle Direction".

Cure Einheit

Cure Freiheit

Japanese Pretty Cures

Happiness Charge pose
HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!
HapinesuChāji Purikyua!
Alo~ha Pretty Cure!
Personal Info
SpeciesMagical Girl
BirthdayOctober 12 (Lovely)
Hair ColorHot Pink (Lovely)
Light Blue (Princess)
Yellow Blonde (Honey)
Bright Lavender (Fortune)
Eye ColorHot Pink (Lovely)
Sea Blue (Princess)
Golden Orange (Honey)
Violet (Fortune)
Home PlacePikarigaoka, Japan
First AppearanceAhPC03
Voice Actor(s)Nakajima Megumi (Lovely)
Han Megumi (Princess)
Kitagawa Rina (Honey)
Tomatsu Haruka (Fortune)
Pretty Cure Info
PowerLove (Lovely)
Courage (Princess
Kindness (Honey
Luck (Fortune)
WeaponLovePreBrace (Lovely & Princess)
Triple Dance Honey Baton (Honey
Fortune Tambourine (Fortune)
Shining Make Dresser (Group item)
LoyaltyBlue Sky Kingdom
Pretty Cure
Theme ColorPink (Lovely)
Blue (Princess)
Yellow (Honey)
Violet (Fortune)
The Japanese Pretty Cure team, Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!, consists of four girls named Cure Lovely (キュアラブリー Kyua Raburī?), Cure Princess (キュアプリンセス Kyua Purinsesu?), Cure Honey (キュアハニー Kyua Hanī?) and Cure Fortune (キュアフォーチュン Kyua Fōchun?) and two fairies named Ribbon (リボン Ribon?) and Glasan (グラサン Gurasan?). In episode 3, the four girls are said to be the strongest Pretty Cure team on Earth.

Cure Lovely

Cure Lovely's hair is hot pink and is held in a knee length ponytail. On the left side of her head is a pink heart-shaped barrette with light pink ribbons. Her main outfit consists of a light pink/white top with puffy sleeves with gold lining the ends of the sleeves. She also wears a black vest also lined in gold with a pink collar. There are light pink ruffles at the bottom and on the neckline. On her chest is a pink and white bow with a gold heart-shaped brooch. A light pink winglike bow is on her back. Her skirt is pink with some light pink ruffles lining it. She has white arm warmers around her arms and long white boots decorated with a pink bow on the side of the ankle and light pink heart-shaped earrings. Around her left wrist is her LovePreBrace and the PreChanMirror hangs from her right hip.

Cure Princess

Cure Honey

Cure Fortune


  • All Pretty Cure in the universe are fighting against the Saiarks. 



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