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Infinity Mirai

TitleDirector and creator of...
Prism Pretty Cure!
Earth Defense Pretty Cure! (LOVE!)
Vocaloid Pretty Cure♪
Collaborator on...
Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Politics Pretty Cure!

Infinity Mirai, also known as Ichinose Mirai in one of her series, is the pen name of the user CureInfinity1. Infinity Mirai is the director and creator of three fan series, and is currently working on two collaboration projects together with other users her on the wiki.

In the series Prism Pretty Cure!, Infinity Mirai plays a re-occuring character uniquely named Ichinose Mirai. Please refer to the character page for more detail.

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  • Infinity Mirai was formally Infinity Akira before January 13, 2016 as User:CureInfinity1 decided to change it to something more fitting.
  • Infinity Mirai shares her first name with Asahina Mirai from Mahou Tsukai Precure!.
  • Infinity Mirai officially started collaborating on February 19, 2017 together with Ichigomoon128, kirakiraprecurealamodé, OmegaPri, and HungryZabu.
  • Infinity Mirai's favourite past time on the fandom is talking with everyone on Live! Chat.
  • Infinity Mirai's favourite colours are purple and turquoise.
  • Infinity Mirai's favourite animal would be cats, but is also does strangely well with dogs.
  • Etymology
    • Infinity - State or Quality of Being Infinite
    • Mirai - Future
  • Infinity Mirai's full name indicates the "infinite future".


Series Information

Season Name Original Run Theme(s) OP ED
Prism Pretty Cure! series
Prism Pretty Cure! Unknown Jewels and Wishes Bittersweet

Shōrai ni Mukete

Earth Defense Pretty Cure! series
Earth Defense Pretty Cure! January 6, 2015 Love and Friendship Fallin' LOVE! Earth Defense Pretty Cure!

L-O-V-E Start!!!

LOVE! July 7, 2016 Love and Friendship LOVE IS POWER


Vocaloid Pretty Cure♪ series
Vocaloid Pretty Cure♪ Unknown Music and Fantasy ♪My Song♪

Fantasia Carnival