Personal Information
Home PlaceTimeline Panel Controller (Original)

Rokuna's home (Currently)

Anime Information
First AppearanceEpisode 1

Ikitan is the main mascot fairy in Mirai Pretty Cure! Move Forward!.

Additional informations

Alternative name: Iki (human)
Height: 26cm (normal), 138cm (awakened), 1,76m (human)
Weight: 1,5kg (normal), 75kg (awakened), 63kg (human)
Occupation: Trainee to become an officer / Help the precures

He finishes his sentences with -iki. However he loses this habit when transforming into a human.


He doesn't have any particular skill but he can learn quickly.


Ikitan was born in the Timeline Garden, from a flower. Fairies born from flowers are known to be special and to have a bright future. He decided to become an officer at the Timeline Panel Controller so he went to school for fairies and now he is in training by helping the precure to see his skills.


As in normal form, he looks like a little baby lion with sand yellow fur, white legs and white wings. His eyes are amber colored.


Ikitan is usually calm and collected but he is also friendly and cheerful.


Rokuna Shin - Ikitan have been trying to get along and to be amiable since the beginning, as they have to work together and to convince her to become a precure. Yet he felt her distant and he saw how Rokuna didn't want to be involved. He didn't give up and know they get along well but sometimes argue over Rokuna's devotion to be a precure.


Ikitan (いきたん?): "Iki" can have the meaning "to live", that is more or less related to the themes of the serie.


  • Ikitan was called Live before, but it was changed to be more in the spirit of precure, and this name was dull and not original.
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