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Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Aidoru no uta! Ai no merodī, Kyua Hāmonī!
"An Idol's Song! The Melody Of Love, Cure Harmony!"
Antaeus 2017-02-06
Aihara Utau moves to Yumesaki Academy, a prestigious school dedicated to training idols. There, she explores the academy with her childhood friend, Mizuno Asami, and the two then choose their own idol talents: Utau has chosen singing; Asami has chosen modelling. Later that day, Utau meets Cadence, but suddenly, Asami is turned into a Namida by Antaeus! Now it's up to Utau to save her! But how will she do it?
02 Utsukushī kibō! Kyua Serenāde no mahō no konsāto!
"Beautiful Hope! Cure Serenade's Magical Concert!"
Antaeus 2017-02-13
Utau, Asami and Kiyomi are practicing for their upcoming idol debuts later that day, but later, they meet the "Nereid of Television", Umino Hitomi. Hitomi explains that she is heading to a filming of the TV show that she was working on, and while she is getting ready, Hitomi just so happens to find the basic Star Cards of Cure Serenade! But when Antaeus attacks with a Namida, what is Hitomi going to do?
03 Hakushu no raundo! Sutēji wa, Kyua Operetta ni zokushi!
"A Round Of Applause! The Stage Belongs To Cure Operetta!"
Circe 2017-02-20
Utau surprises her friends by saying that she has finally got an offer to be in a commercial, but later on, Kiyomi finds the basic Star Cards of Cure Operetta! But as she is practicing, she hurts her ankle, and Murasaki Kotone, a third-year, advises Kiyomi to refrain from physical activity for a week. However, when a new villain attacks with a Namida, what will Kiyomi do to save the school?
04 Kokoro no koe! Murasaki Purikyua, Kyua Konsāto!
"Voice Of The Heart! The Purple Pretty Cure, Cure Concert!"
Circe 2017-02-27
The first-year students are told to partner with a third-year student for a fashion show, and Utau is paired with Kotone! Hitomi explains that the reason that drove Kotone to become a model was the supermodel Murasaki Haruka's death, who is revealed to be Kotone's mother! That night, Kotone has a dream about her mother, and Haruka says that she had a dream about Kotone transforming into a beautiful soldier of courage. What does Haruka mean, and what will Kotone do when Circe attacks with a Namida?
05 Danketsu no chīmu! Aidoru Sutā Purikyua♪
"A United Team! Idol Star Pretty Cure♪"
Sisyphus 2017-03-06
Cadence explains the history of La Musique, and gives the four Cures the Book of Stars, in which they can learn more about Pretty Cure. However, it is revealed that there are actually five Pretty Cures, and the fifth Pretty Cure is actually the princess of La Musique! Later, a villain named Sisyphus wonders why Hitomi's roommate, Kagamine Moira, seems familiar, but turns her into a Namida anyways! Will Hitomi ever save her friend and roommate?
06 Utau rarara! Utau no saisho no konsāto!
"Singing Lalala! Utau's First Concert!"
Sisyphus 2017-03-13
Utau is summoned to the headmistress' office, where she learns from Fukushima Tsubasa, the headmistress, that she will be performing in her very first concert! Utau is excited, and wastes no time preparing, however, she is also a little worried. On the day of the concert, Tsubasa reveals that she is the Top Designer of Sparkle Angel! However, Sisyphus attacks in the hopes of capturing Tsubasa. If Sisyphus doesn't leave soon, he will ruin the concert! What is Utau going to do?
07 Jikihitsu de ushinawa remashita! Utau to Kiyomi no tōsō!
"Lost In An Autograph! Utau And Kiyomi's Struggles!"
Antaeus 2017-03-20
After meeting her first fan, Utau decides to try and come up with an autograph along with Kiyomi, who also doesn't have one. However, this proves to be difficult for Utau as she struggles to create an autograph that describes her. After receiving some advice from Asami, Utau creates an autograph, but meanwhile, Antaeus attacks the other Cures with a Namida! How is Utau going to help her friends?
08 Gekitekina iriguchi! Hitomi to sūpā joyū!
"A Dramatic Entrance! Hitomi And The Super Actress!"
Circe 2017-03-27
Hitomi is asked to star in an upcoming movie one day, however, she is co-starring with the number-one actress, who is her own older sister! Hitomi struggles with this knowledge, until Moira gives her some advice. Hitomi decides to stop copying her sister and shine with her own light, but suddenly, Circe appears and turns Hitomi's sister into a Namida! What will Hitomi do to save her sister?
09 Fasshon moderu no himitsu! Kotone no shinpi-tekina miryoku!
"The Secrets Of A Fashion Model! Kotone's Mysterious Charm!"
10 Kiyomi-san no ketsui! Watashi wa dansu no kyōsō ni kachimasu!
"Kiyomi’s Determination! I’ll Win The Dance Competition!"
11 Kyōdai ai! Yumesaki Gakuen de kazoku no hi!
"Sibling Love! Family Day At Yumesaki Academy!"

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