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Idol Pretty Cure! is a Fanon Pretty Cure Series created by Kboi249, it Precedes Elemental Zodiac Pretty cure! in The Time slot and Is Preceded by Rescue Pretty cure!


When Handokus Come to take over Music and destroy The Kangoku Kingdom, Queen kyokuru gave 5 Idol Pod and 5 Jewels to 3 Idol knight trainees and 2 Idol knights and her daughter, Aikyo and,to earth to find 5 girls to become the Idol Precure! Aika Mamuta, A second year middle schooler who loves Kpop, Encounters these 5 fairies on their way home from school, Along with a Handoku General, Inugaku, Who summons a hateroid, Using an innocent fan’s Love for their idols, Aika Protects the unconscious Fan, Moved by her actions, Taiji, a Rabbit fairy, Gives Aika the idol pod, Idol ring, and Cure Singer Idol Jewel, Who uses them to transform into Cure Singer! Using Her Attack, Singer Beam, To finish the Hateroid off and rescue the fan, since She is a pretty cure now, She must defeat the Handokus. She gets 4 new members when She becomes an idol of Miracle x Magical!


Mamuta Aika:

A Kind, Clumsy, and An Idol Otaku Who's Catchphrase is: "My Heart Song is Playing!" when she hears something good, She Is Partnered with Taiji and Is the Pink Cure, Cure Singer! Her Attacks are The Singer Beam, A Purification Attack. Her Sub form is Techno Form, Which Allows her to See the Future and Predict attacks. She is Voiced by Maya Banno

Hirai Ibuki:

A Street&Book Smart, Older sister figure, and Food Loving Third Year Middle School Student Who is the Daughter Of Hirai Momo & Kim Heechul, She is partnered with Yang and Is the Blue Cure, Cure Dancer! Her attack Is The Dancer Shoot, A Purification Attack, Her Sub Form is Rock form, which Boosts Her Attack And Defense. She Is Voiced by Hiroe Igeta

Kirappa Miu:

A Shy, Smart, and Sweet First year Middle School School Student Who Is the Niece of Omori Yuko, Other wise known as Cure Honey! She is Partnered with Lee and Is the Yellow Cure, Cure Rapper! her Attack is The Rapper Arrow, A Purification Attack, Her Sub form is Hip hop form, which Boosts Her Speed, She Is Voiced by Yume Miyamoto, which Is Ironic, because the character she voices in super Sentai, Magine, Is also a Shy Female, it is also Ironic because Yuki Kaji, the Voice of Hyun, also Voices a Main Character in the same series, Gaon.

Ebina Fuuka:

A Sporty, Friendly, and Witty Second year Girl who Always takes risks if it means she has a chance of victory, She is Partnered with Kuni and Is the Red Cure, Cure Center! Her Attack Is the Center Strike, A Purfication Attack, her Sub form is Flamenco Form, Which Allows her to Create Illusions of Herself, She is Voiced by M.A.O Ichimichi

Oshikiri Yui:

A Cool, Good-hearted, and Sometimes Cold Second Year Girl who has a soft spot for cute things, She is Partnered with Hyun and is the Purple Cure, Cure Visual! her Attack Is the Visual Buster, A Purification Attack, her Sub form is the Enka Form, which Allows her to Summon 3 weapons, two Clubs that work as Drumsticks. She is Voiced by Nashiko Momotsuki, which is Ironic because she played a character on Kiramager


Taiji: a Rabbit fairy, Is Happy go lucky, sometimes annoying, but is a great friend, the partner of aika, he is actually The Queen's Lost Son and Aikyo's Older Brother, He Is Voiced by Junya Ikeda

Yang: A Bear Fairy, Is Kind, Sometimes Teases people, and is Calm, the partner of Ibuki, she is also the Advisor of Kuni, as She is a Kouhai(Junior) And Close friend of Nekomi And Owes Nekomi for All She did for her when she was a Cadet, She is Voiced by Kikuko Inoue

Lee: A Bird Fairy, Is scary, friendly, and an older brother figure, the partner of Miu, he Is also the Advisor of Hyun, as He Is a Kouhai(junior) And Close friend of Inugaku and Believes He Owes Inugaku for his Help When Lee Was a Cadet, And Decided to Mentor Hyun as A Thank you, he is Voiced by Daisuke Ono

Kuni: a Cat fairy, is serious, calm, and sometimes is a tsundere, the partner of Fuuka and daughter of Nekomi and Inugaku and the twin sister of Hyun, She is Voiced by Mayuu Yokota

Hyun: a Dog fairy, is kind, shy, and smart, The Partner of Yui and Son of Nekomi and Inugaku and twin brother of Kuni, He is Voiced by Yuki Kaji, he is Gay and Plans on finding a boyfriend, but thanks to his father, he won't be getting one anytime soon, due to his Father's Protectiveness


Inugaku: The first villain introduced and purified, is Hyun and Kuni's Father and Nekomi's Husband, though Cold and serious at first before he was purified, he is warm and a and a loving husband, but protective of his daughter and Son(lol), Voiced by Tetsu Inada

Saesoona: Another villain whose real name was Minkan Seikatsu, she used to be a fan who shipped herself with Heechul to the point she threatened to kill Ibuki when she was born, but was caught and nearly killed but saved by the Big boss and thus has a rivalry with Ibuki, She is a sadistic, mind crazy, and really masochistic girl, when purified, she is kinder and selfless, but is very supportive in the cure's love life

Daruionna: A former fan of Kpop whose real name was Miko Uchiwa and spreads rumors on idols and was caught, but also saved by the big boss, she is Scary, manipulative, and a bully, when purified, she is more helpful and friendly, though sometimes likes to tease the girls.

Big boss: The main villain, is very cold-hearted and evil, he wants to rid the world of Kpop, And thus made 3 people his servants.

Supporting Characters

Mamuta Akari: Aika's Mother, like Most mothers in the Series, She loves Aika and Wants the Best for her

Mamuta Kazuya: Aika's Father, Is Sweet, Kind hearted, and Loves Making Jokes

Mamuta Daisuke: Aika's Younger brother, He Is Sweet, Sickly, and Aika actually Took Care of Him even though she needed to focus on school work, Daisuke Feels at fault for his sister's bad Grades

Hirai Momo: Ibuki's mother, a former idol member of the idol girl group twice, a bubbly, energetic, and smart woman who cares for her children and husband.

Kim Heechul: Ibuki's father, is a former member of The Male Veteran Idol Group Super Junior, he is Kind, Friendly, and overly protective of his daughter.

Hirai Seokha: Ibuki's older brother, he is kind, Overprotective of his sister, and Calm

Kirappa Otokichi: Miu's Father, He is a kind, Responsible, and Somewhat Goofy man and loves making his customers smile

Kirappa Ai: Miu's mother, is kind, Calm, and Caring and Miu respects her mother a lot

Kirappa Sakata: Miu's Older Brother, is Scary, Friendly, and Kooky

Kirappa Komachi: Miu's Older sister, She is Sometimes a Prankster, Sometimes a clean freak, but is always kind.

Kirappa Soma: Miu's Younger Brother, He is Fabulous, Floofy, and Friendly

Ebina Taihei: Fuuka's Father, He is Kind, Clam, and Responsible

Ebina Nana: Fuuka's Mother, she is kind, hardworking, and shy, she is also from Akita, which is where Fuuka gets her Akita Accent which pops up sometimes

Ebina Tsukasa: Fuuka's Older Brother, is Kind, Scary, and serious about cooking.

Oshikiri Shiguru: Yui's Father, is cool but in reality, a Very Kind man who Is actually a Scaredy-cat

Oshikiri Sayo: Yui's mother, She is Dependable, sometimes strict, and kind

Oshikiri Kazuma: Yui's Younger brother, he is Shy, Kind, and Supportive of his sister

Queen Kyokuru: The Queen of The Idol Kingdom and Aikyo's mother

Nekomi Midoriya: A former cure who is a Fairy, is Also The Caretaker of the cures. She is a fairy of the kingdom of idols and is also the Queen's Oldest Best friend, the mother of Hyun and Kuni, The Fairy partners of Fuuka and Yui, referencing the theme, she was the green cure, cure Face but now serves as a mentor to the cures. Voiced by Mako Ishino

Aikyo: The princess of the Idol kingdom, she is kind, polite, and shy. and is also the friend of Hyun and Kuni


Idol Pod: Main transformation item

Idol Ring: Used for transformation and attacks

Idol Tact: Main weapon

Cure Light Stick: Light stick of Miracle x Magical, A item used in the endings

Idol Brace: Nekomi and her Friends former Transformation item, They were melted and used to create the 5 idol pods

Finale Tact: A Item Used by The Cures, Needed along with the Cure's Finale Jewels to perform their ultimate attack, Crystal Stage, It Can Also Give Them Their New Attacks, Singer Check, Dancer Tone, Rapper Rush, Center Inferno, and The Visual Pure, all of which are Purification Attacks

Magical Miracle Box: The Box used to store the idol jewels, Also used to access their final forms

Idol Jewels: The Main Collectibles of the series


  • Aika Is the only person on her team to need t be related to a famous person
  • Ibuki is The Daughter of 2 real life idols
  • Miu is the Niece of a Former Cure
  • Fuuka is the Daughter of 2 Famous Anime Characters
  • Yui is the Daughter of 2 super sentai members who were on the same team
  • These are one of the only other teams to not have a sixth ranger cure, along with Smile Pretty cure!
  • The Cures are Based off of Idol Positions in Kpop
  • Aika: Vocalist/Singer
  • Ibuki: Dancer
  • Miu: Rapper
  • Fuuka: Center
  • Yui: Visuals
  • The Original members Were going to Be Just Aika, Ibuki, and Miu, and Fuuka and Yui were going to be sixth ranger cures, Along With Nekomi
  • Kuni Was Going to Be the partner of Both Fuuka and Yui, but I decided to Give Yui a Seperate Partner, Hyun
  • Kuni was originally named Hyuna
  • Aika was the only cure to keep her cure name, I kept on switching positions for The other 4
  • 4 Other Cures other than Aika Have something in common with their Mothers(In Miu's Case her Aunt)
  • Ibuki Being a Food Lover
  • Miu Being a Yellow Cure
  • Fuuka Having the Same Hair tie as her mom
  • Yui's Habit of Throwing People Who make her Uncomfortable
  • Taiji, Yang, and Lee Were Based off of the First Ever Kpop Group Seo Taiji and the Boyz
  • Phantom's Human Name Is Takeru in this Series, Which is a referance to Kamen Rider Ghost, As Phantom is another Word for Ghost
  • Fuuka was Originally Named Chuka while Yui Originally Had Fuuka's Name
  • The Group's Idol Name, Miracle x Magical, Is A Referance to how the Series used to be Dubbed, Witchy Idol Pretty Cure! A Sequel Series to Mahou Tsukai Pretty cure
  • Each of the Cures Have a Referance to another Idol
  • Aika Being the Leader and Having a Rabbit Fairy Referances to TXT's Choi Soobin, As He is the Leader and Is called a Rabbit Idol
  • Ibuki being apart of the "Unnie"(older sister) line is a referance to her mother, Hirai Momo who is Apart of the Unnie line in her Group, Twice
  • Miu being the youngest and still in school is a referance to TXT's Maknae Huening Kai, Who is 18 years old respectively
  • Fuuka Knowing How to Box is a Referance to BTS's Jungkook, Who Knows How to Box
  • Yui Having 2 Different Personas When she's on and off stage is a referance to G-dragon, who is Very Shy in Real life
  • Aika Is From A City Called Ongaku Town
  • Ibuki is from Gangwon, South Korea
  • Miu is From Pikarigaoka
  • Fuuka is From Akita
  • Yui is From Tokyo Japan
  • Miu, Who is thought to Address Her Older Members by Senpai, Actually Calls Them By "Nee-San" Or "(Insert the Member's Name)-Nee"
  • Ibuki Loves Burgers, Her Favorite Burger joint is Four guys, which is Just a Parody of Five guys
  • Yui is Left Handed, as Seen in whenever she is seen writing, but seems to be comfortable using her right hand for other tasks, such as Using a Sword during acting, But she uses Her Left hand for other things
  • Miu Carries Around Honey Candy, Which Ibuki seems to love
  • despite hyun being the youngest, his tastebuds are the most extreme, as he is capable of eating a whole bowl of spicy ramen without the side affects, unlike his comrades

Movie Only Characters

Yuki: The Princess of the ice Kingdom who Is in love with Samu, She And Samu Appear in Idol Pretty Cure! Love Song Of Legends!

Samu: The Prince of The fire Kingdom who Is in love with Yuki, He and Yuki Appear in Idol Pretty Cure! Love Song Of Legends!

Mizuru: The Antagonist of the Movie Idol Pretty Cure! Love Song of Legends! He Forbids Inter kingdom's Relationships

Anti-Idol Pretty Cure: The Dark Versions Of Idol Pretty Cure, They Despise Kpop and each Represent One Of the Darksides of Kpop, They Appear in Idol Pretty Cure! Love Song Of Legends!

Anti Singer: The Leader, She is Perfect in Every way, and Is a Bully, She hates Kpop The Most, She Represents the Haters

Anti Dancer: The Oldest, She Is Spoiled and Rude, She is very picky about food, She Represents Idols Who Get in without Training and any other of the Sort

Anti Rapper: The Youngest, She Is Charismatic, And Really Arrogant, She Represents The Rude Idols

Anti Center: The Physically Strongest, A Very Lazy, and Stupid Girl, She Is Very Strong But Doesn't Wanna Move, Only Relying On Ranged Attacks, She Represents The bad Companies

Anti Visual: The Most Rude, She Is Keen and Possessive, She Represents The Saesangs


Fairies(Top Left:Kuni, Bottom Left: Yang, Middle: Taiji, Bottom Right: Lee, Top Right: Hyun)

The Cures as Civilians

The Cures In Cure Form

The Cures In their Sub forms