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Idol Girls♥Pretty Cure!★☆
Aidoru Gāruzu♥Purikyua!★☆
General Information
DirectorAhim de Famille
StudioTOEI Animation
NetworkAhim Anime
Original RunTBA
Opening SongMinna no Aidoru! Purikyua Rizumu
Ending SongSing It! @l@ Arigato!
Cure It Up! ♥SING!★DANCE!♥
Series Info
Theme(s)Aikatsu! Stars
PredecessorPrism Power Pretty Cure!

Idol Girls♥Pretty Cure!★☆ (アイドルガールズ♥プリキュア!★☆ Aidoru Gāruzu♥Purikyua!★☆?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the unofficial installment to the Pretty Cure series. It is directed and written by Ahim de Famille. It was replaced Prism Power Pretty Cure! and it is initial slot. Also, this is the same time slot of Prism Power Pretty Cure! Colorful Harmony, the sequel of Prism Power Pretty Cure!. The season are based from Aikatsu! Stars.



A happy world of Idole, which the idols were living and the singing idols are too amazing. Althoughly, there have the two best idol unit groups: La Symphonique and Discorde Cider; in which would have a truly both are excellent and as a rivals. La Symphonique is a team who has a symphony and cute idols who sings pop songs, while Discorde Cider has evil-like zombie idols who sings hard rock songs. According to their rivalry, the managers are find the newest counterpart of La Symphonique, the Four♥Hearts (also known as the pretty cures) to win the La Symphonique for the worlds.


Pretty Cures

Main article: Idol Girls♥Pretty Cure! / Cures
Shirono Tori (白乃鳥 Shirono Tori?) / Cure Soiree (キュアソワレ Kyua Soware?)
Tori is very optimistic 14-year-old girl who loves to wear cute and girly clothes. She is outspoken, shy, and clumsy girl which she is very cheerful and smart. She has a big fan of Aikatsu Stars! who she wants to becoming an idol. She was always embarrassed at many people at the stage before she enter, but she can doing her best at anything and the many people who wants to supports her. As Cure Soiree, she is the pink Cure who is a Cute-type idol and represents hearts whose her preferred brand is Angel Kiss (エンジェルキス Enjeru Kisu?).
Sorairo Hane (空色羽 Sorairo Hane?) / Cure Grande (キュアグランデ Kyua Gurande?)
Hane is a calm, intelligent 15-year-old girl who was loves to play piano. She is the Student Council President at Idole Private Academy. She is very strict, elegant, and a popular girl who has always to becoming a famous student because of her helpfulness and being a kindness. She is now to join in the team because of her intelligence. As Cure Grande, she is the blue Cure who is a Cool-type idol and represents spades whose her preferred brand is Party Rhythm (パーティリズム Pāti Rizumu?).
Kankitsurui Kira (柑橘類キラ Kankitsurui Kira?) / Cure Couture (キュアクチュール Kyua Kuchūru?)
Kira is very talented, sweet 13-year-old girl who loves to sing and dance. She is very energetic like a girlish attitude and excels at her skills. She is very childish, selfish, and spoil brat-like personality because of her cuteness and always getting into craziness in her personality. She is also loves to eats sweets but she refused to join in the team until she joins in episode 4 as being a part of the team. As Cure Couture, she is the yellow Cure who is a Pop-type idol and represents clovers whose her preferred brand is Honey Burst (ハニーバースト Hanī Bāsuto?).
Murasaki Miko (紫巫女 Murasaki Miko?) / Cure Fleurette (キュアフルーレット Kyua Furūretto?)
Miko is a mysterious 16-year-old girl who loves to play violin. She is very cool, quiet, and she is doing her best. She is a slightly tomboyish-like who is very excels at sports and studies. Although that she is cold, she can belives in herself and she is also helps other people who are very weak. She is also lively, carefree, and a tsundre-like personality. As Cure Fleurette, she is the purple Cure who is a Sexy-type idol and represents diamonds whose her preferred brand is Fancy Sequin (ファンシーシークイン Fanshī Shīkuin?).
Cure Allure (キュアアリュール Kyua Aryūru?)
A mysterious green Cure who appears in episode 23. Her personality seems unknown but she seems as a poisonous ghost. She is the most powerful Cure in the team and she has an angelic voice. She was appeared as an silhouette and singing in front of the sun and the moon. As of her unclassified and unidentified Cure, she is very diagnosed in disorder and she was extremely sensitive, who want to save the world of Idole and the whole universe against the Discorde Cider. As Cure Allure, she is the green Cure who is a Elegant-type idol and represents stars.

La Symphonique

Main article: La Symphonique
  • Aidoru (アイドル Aidoru?) - A bird-like mascot who wants to train it. She is very sweet, cheery, and confidently mascot who loves to sing and always eating candies and strawberries.

D' Beatz

  • Senritsu (旋律 Senritsu?) - Represents melody.
  • Ritsudo (律動 Ritsudō?) - Represents rhythm.
  • Chowa (調和 Chōwa?) - Represents harmony.
  • Kokyogaku (交響楽 Kōkyōgaku?) - Represents symphony.

Discorde Cider

Main article: Discorde Cider
  • Seishuku (静粛 Seishuku?) - Represents quiet. The leader of the team and he is in vocal.
  • Chinmoku (沈黙 Chinmoku?) - Represents silence. He is in drum.
  • Shoko (小康 Shōkō?) - Represents lull. She is in piano.
  • Musei (無声 Musei?) - Represents unvoiced. She is in guitar.
  • Yowane-ki (弱音器 Yowane-ki?) - Represents damper. The main monsters in the season.

Supporting Characters

  • Negaigoto Niji (願い事虹 Negaigoto Niji?) - A student from Idole Private Academy who wants to becoming an idol and a singer. 
  • Sakurano Ella (桜乃エラ Sakurano Era?) - A student from Idole Private Academy who wants to becoming an idol and an actress.
  • Harusaki Mika (春先見か Harusaki Mika?) - A student from Idole Private Academy.
  • Kagura Yuna (神楽ユナ Kagura Yuna?) - A student from Idole Private Academy.
  • Takaharu Eri (高原襟 Takaharu Eri?) - A student from Idole Private Academy.
  • Hoshikawa Belle (星川ベル Hoshikawa Beru?) - A student from Idole Private Academy.
  • Madam Polyphony (マダムポリフォニー Madamu Porifonī?) - The main pretty cure trainer.


  • Pretty Cards (プリティカード Puriti Kādo?) - The Cures' main collectable items. They can activate with the Idol Mirrors to recieve a form or attack.
  • Idol Mirror (アイドルミラー Aidoru Mirā?) - The Cures' transformation device and a weapon as a rod. The Cures' transformation phrase is We will scream your Hearts out!.


  • Idole (アイドレ Aidore?) - The main location of the season.


  • This season would be a very similar to this Aikatsu! season, Aikatsu Stars!.
  • The probably name was formed Candy Minimal Pretty Cure!; but failed to ideas. And changed to Idol Stars♥Pretty Cure!★☆ because of the spin-off of Aikatsu!. Later, it was changed again to Idol Girls♥Pretty Cure!★☆ due to Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ in which there have same name.
  • This season is similar to Idol Star Pretty Cure♪:
    • Both have same color schemes. (pink, blue, yellow, and purple).
    • Both series have Cures' names were unusual.
    • Both have an only one mascot.
    • Both have five villains, which four are human and one are monster.
    • Both have same theme, which there are idols.
  • Idol Girls♥Pretty Cure!★☆  is very similar to Electric Shock Pretty Cure!.
    • Both have same color schemes (pink-Cable & Soiree, blue-Neutron & Grande, yellow-Bolt & Couture, and Techno and Fleurette).
    • Both have all Cures are good at studies.
    • Both are starting with four Cures.
    • Both have four allies.
    • Both have legendary Cures (Surge & Allure). Except their style and their theme color. (Surge was red and Allure was green).
  • Idol Girls♥Pretty Cure!★☆ is the sixth season to have four Cures.



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