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Ideguchi Keiko
Ideguchi Keiko
Personal Information
Birthday DateOctober 30th
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceTourako
RelativesIdeguchi Miki (Mother)

Ideguchi Kenichi (Father)

Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Starlight
Super FormMoonlight Starlight
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Theme ColorLight Pink
Power(s)Trapping Paranormal Entities


Anime Information
SeasonChojo Gensho Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceCGPC01
SeiyuuNonaka Ai
Voice ActorFelicity Atkinson

Ideguchi Keiko (井出口恵子 Ideguchi Keiko) is one of the main protagonists of Chojo Gensho Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Starlight (キュアスターライト Kyuarusutāraito) and her main color is pink. Her catchphrase is "Bukimina!" (不気味な! Bukimina!).


Keiko is the unofficial spokesman for the Investigators for Spectral Activity group. She has good grades, but she grew up in a family of con artists and became a clever manipulator because of it, so that's why her grades are so high. She makes fun of her friends whenever it's appropriate but when it's not, she's joking about everything. However, this persona hides a lonely interior that Keiko doesn't really talk about. She and her mother were distant, and her she passed away shortly.


Keiko suffers from depression, and she really wants to change that. Her mother, Miki, died a long time ago and her father keeps selling stuff. They never really notice Keiko, especially not at Christmas, which is obviously Kenichi's highest selling holiday. And with the fact that Kenichi is selling his customers lies, Keiko just can't take it.

In episode 15, she decides to stay with Ms. Sugiura due to not knowing her mother as a child.


  • Keiko is the anime equivalent of Dr. Peter Venkman.
  • Cure Starlight's outfit is based on the title character's outfit in Princess Tutu.
  • Keiko's wardrobe is based on the outfits in Heartcatch Pretty Cure.
  • Keiko is very similar to Nina when she is really angry at everything.


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