Personal Information
Hair ColorWhite (mascot)
Blonde (Human)
Eye ColorPink
RelativesGlaze (older brother)
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Sweet Spice!
First AppearancePCSS01

 Icing is the younger brother of Glaze, and Nadeshiko's partner. He's a gentleman to the core, but can easily loose his composure. He usually hides in the pile of stuffed animals on Nadeshiko's bed when embarrassed. He enjoys making candy art.

General Information


As a mascot, Icing takes the appearance of a domestic cat. He has white fur and pink eyes. He wears a collar that has a gold pendant.

As a human, Icing has fair skin with freckles, blonde hair, and pink eyes. He wears a white dress shirt under a pink vest, blue pants and black dress shoes. On few occasions he wears white gloves and a blue tailcoat over it. He seems to have a permanent blush on his cheeks, which Nadeshiko loves to tease him about.


Icing is a gentleman to the core. Yet even with that trait, he's easily flustered. He often helps people in need, and has no qualms with listening to someone's problems. He's rather protective of Nadeshiko, and is referred to as an honorary Fujimi Fanclub member, much to his dismay.


  • Glaze - He's older brother. He often tries to ignore his brothers teasing, but fails miserably.
  • Fujimi Nadeshiko - Nadeshiko is the first person he met in the series. He's shown to have a crush on her, as his everlasting blush gets brighter when it's mentioned.
  • Matsuoka Kakeru - The relationship started rather strained as Kakeru didn't trust him, but as time went on the two became friends.



Icing has the ability to transform with Nadeshiko, turning her into Cure Sucre. He can also create shields.


  • Icing's human appearance is vaguely based off Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Hst Club.
  • In the original series Icing was a prince, but it was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Icing's human name Ame (飴) translates to candy.


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