Uh? I became a Pretty Cure? Cure Strawberry is born! is the first made-up 'episode' for the fan fiction Ice-Cream Precure! which was created by CureKanade.

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Somewhere in the universe there is a place called Aisukurimu and in Aisukurimu lives people with the names of flavours of ice creams. And there are two twin cures that protect Aisukurimu. But one day Aisukurimu gets attacked by its enemy called Atsuigyunyu who want to take all flavours out of existence. And the two cures are defeated and than forced to go to earth with 4 mascots.

Meanwhile down on earth there is a girl named Ichigo who lives in a town called Kurimu. She is at school eating lunch with her two friends Nira and Keiko. They finish their lunch and get ready for class. After school Ichigo is walking home from school when two fluffy toy animals fly out of the sky and land right at her feet. She falls backwards and lands on her bum. What gives her even more of a fright is when they start to talk! They start begging and begging for her to become a superhero, that it makes Ichigo go crazy when monster comes out of no where and Ichigo gets up and runs like a maniac! The mascot Chips make an item appear out of know where, which she calls Cure Flavour and tells her to shout out Pretty Cure Ice-Cream Power! She does just that and freaks out when she sees her outfit. She keeps running in the opposite direction of the monster but turns back and starts punching and kicking the monster like a mad women. She eventually uses Strawberry Healing to purify the monster. When she gets home she is sent to bed with no food for being late and blames Chips and Cookie for it.


Strawberry Healing- An attack Cure Strawberry first uses in this episode.

Major Events

  • Ichigo became Cure Strawberry for the first time.
  • Cure Strawberry used Strawberry Healing for the first time.
  • Chips and Cookie appear for the first time in this episode.
  • Fudge makes his first appearance.


  • This is the first 'episode' for Ice-Cream Precure!
  • Instead of having the mascot landing on the lead cure's face, Chips and Cookie land at Ichigo's feet.


Ichigo Iyashi/Cure Strawberry