Ibara Ageha
茨 愛羽姫
Ibara Ageha
AliasAgeha, Cure Ageha
TitleThe Wandering Butterfly in the Cyberland, Cure Ageha! (jk)
Birthday DateFebruary 9th

 Ibara Ageha (茨 愛羽姫 Ibara Ageha?), or simply known as Ageha (あげは Ageha?), is the pen name of Cure Ageha. She is an artist, author, as well as the creator of Cyber Idol Pretty Cure. She is also part of Generic Toei group and one of the creators of Generic Precure!


Ageha (愛羽姫 Ageha?) is a feminine given name which consisted of three characters: ai (?) which means "love/affection", hane (?) "wings" and ,hime (?) "princess."[1]

  • Ageha as a word also means swallowtail butterfly.

Ibara ( Ibara?) means thorns.


Fan Series

  • Cyber Idol Pretty Cure
  • Destiny Pretty Cure
  • Heavenly☆Star Pretty Cure
  • Fight On! Pretty Cure
  • Earth Love Pretty Cure

Collaborative Series

Other Series


  • Ageha's insignia is a butterfly, which comes from her name.
  • Ageha likes to write her name in hiragana version as she thinks the characters look cuter.
  • Ageha's previous alias was Kokubara Ageha (黒薔薇 揚羽?), which roughly means black rose - swallowtail.
    • She changed her surname because the kanji characters were too uncommon and not available in various fonts.
    • She also disliked the character age (?) as it reminded her of deep-fried food so she opted to alternate writing of the same name.
    • She contemplated to use Koufuku (幸福 Kōfuku?) for her new surname but eventually decided on Ibara as it's closer to Kokubara both in sound and meaning.

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