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Hoshino Sora
Hoshino Sora
Hoshino sora
Personal Information
Hair Color Raspberry Rose
Eye Color Amethyst
Home PlaceHanakanjō
RelativesHoshino Tsukina (mother)
Unnamed Father
Hoshino Alex (twin brother)
Anime Information
SeasonFloretta Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFlPC01
SeiyuuItou Mika

Hoshino Sora (星野空?) is a major supporting character in Floretta Pretty Cure!. Sora is one of Iris' childhood friends and the head of the Newspaper Club at Tri-Bloom Academy.

In episode 57, it is revealed that Sora is the reincarnation of Princess Jade after transforming into Beautiful Miracle (ビューティフルミラクル?).


Being transformed into a Heartless

In episode 1, Sora was being bullied by Fujikawa Olivia and her friends which caused Sora to run away and cry. While sitting on a bench, Iris sees her and asks her what's wrong but just as Sora was about to reply, Noir appears and transforms her into a Heartless.



Sora is a sweet and angelic girl who loves video games and writing stories. Additionally, she is very emotional as she suffers from autism.


  • Hanayama Iris - Iris is Sora's childhood friend and have maintained a strong friendship ever since. Sora admires Iris' brave nature and is inspired by Iris.
  • Mikan'boshi Alani - As well as Iris, Alani is also Sora's childhood friend. As Alani knows what it is like to be bullied, she often encourages Sora to stand up to bullies like Olivia and her friends.
  • Hoshino Alex - Sora's twin brother and the exact opposite of Sora. Alex is way more mischievous than Sora and gets into trouble way more than her. Despite this, they share a moderate relationship.

Beautiful Miracle

"A glimpse of life and aspirations! A Flourishing Heart! I am Beautiful Miracle!"
生と願望の一見! 栄えある心! 私はビューティフルミラクル!
Nama to ganbō no ikken! Haearu kokoro! Watashi wa byūtifurumirakuru!

Beautiful Miracle (ビューティフルミラクル?) is the past incarnation of Sora as well as the alter ego of Princess Jade. Sora's first and only transformation into Beautiful Miracle was in episode 57 after falling unconscious from a pulse of kinetic energy caused by the contact of Romatin and Noir's fists. Her main and only attack is Creation of Life. Her theme colors are mint green and sky blue.




Hoshino (星野?) means "Star Field" as the Hoshi (?) translates to "star" and the no (?) translates to "field".

Sora (?) translates to "sky"

Therefore, her name translates to "Star Field Sky" or "Sky Star Field"


  • Sora shares many similarities with Nanase Yui from Go! Princess Pretty Cure, these are:
    • They both get transformed into the monster of the day in the first episode of their respective series
    • They both dream to become an author when they're older (Yui dreams to become a picture book author; Sora dreams to become a novel author)
    • They both wear glasses
    • They are both best friends with the lead cure of their respective series
  • She shares her voice actress with Tsukumo Yuma from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL


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