Hoshigamine Ginga
Hoshigamine Ginga
Personal Information
Birthday DateFebruary 9th
Hair ColorDark pink
Eye ColorMagenta
Home PlaceGoseioh City
RelativesHoshigamine Seiichiro (father)
Hoshigamine Hirozo (grandfather)
Hoshigamine Akemi (mother, deceased)
Cure Galaxy
Alter EgoCure Galaxy
Super FormTBA
Hair ColorHot Pink
Eye ColorBright Pink
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonStar☆Galaxy PreCure
First AppearanceSGPC01
SeiyuuTsubasa Yonaga

Hoshigamine Ginga (星ヶ峰ギンガ Hoshigamine Ginga?) is one of the main characters of Star☆Galaxy PreCureHe is a second-year student at Kyuseido High School. He transforms into his alter ego  Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー Kyua Gyarakushī?), his element being starlight. Ginga's catchphrases are "Awesome!" (素晴らしいだ! "Subarashī da!"?) and "Bummer." (がっかりよ "Gakkari yo."?) His theme color is pink.


Physical Appearance

Ginga stands around 5'9" height average has a mesomorph build and weighs around 165 lbs. He has a fine skin tone and his hair is dark pink while his eyes are in a magenta pigment. As Cure Galaxy, his hair changes into a bright hot-pink and is slicked back in a cockatoo-like hairstyle while his bangs become bigger and his eyes change into a brighter pink color as well.

Civilian Appearance

Pretty Cure Form




Cure Galaxy

"Shining Bright! The star glittering in the horizons, Cure Galaxy!"
明るく輝く! 地平線に輝く星、キュアギャラクシー!
Akaruku kagayaku! Chiheisen ni kiraboshi, Kyua Gyarakushī!

Cure Galaxy (キュアギャラクシー Kyua Gyarakushī?) is the main alter ego of Ginga. In order for him to transform, he needs his Star Compact and his Cure Star Decor.




  • Hoshigamine (星ヶ峰?) - Hoshi (星) means "star" and Mine (峰) means "peak". The name altogether means "Star's peak" while the second character "ヶ" is a rare character for surnames and is used for noble names.
  • Ginga (銀河?) - The name means "galaxy:" and his name uses the katakana characters (ギンガ) which also has the same meaning and it matches with his Pretty Cure alias, Cure Galaxy.
  • Cure Galaxy (キュア ギャラクシー?)is the Cure name of Ginga which fits him because of his name meaning the word but also can manipulate stars and starlight which make the whole galaxy aka, the Milky Way.


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