Hitori Watashi
Hitori Profile Picture
Hitori Watashi
Personal Information
AgeLooks to be in his teens; 15
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorBlack (Hitori) Brown (Hiroto)
Eye ColorDark Purple (Hitori) Blue (Hiroto)
Home PlaceHeartache Organization (Original home place unknown)
Anime Information
First AppearanceAPC01

Hitori Watashi (一人私, Hitori Watashi) is one out of three of the main villains from Aura Pretty Cure! He appears in episode one. He's the strongest out of the three in his team, and prefers to be alone.


Hitori has black, neat hair and purple eyes. His outfit resembles a school uniform, with the sleeves rolled up. Glasses hang in the middle of the white shirt. There's a brown belt with a silver buckle that's on his pants, and wears black shoes with grey on the top of them.

As a human, his hair changes to light brown, his eyes changing to brown, wearing his glasses. He wears the regular Shimeko Junior High uniform.


Before 'Hitori'

Not much is known about Hitori's past. (Will reveal soon!)

Meeting the Pretty Cure


Cold, Cunning, rude, and just plain nasty. Hitori isn't someone anyone would want to deal with. He thinks highly of himself and doesn't let his guard down. He's more of a lone-wolf, barely ever working with his team. He's also extremely reluctant to admit to making mistakes or being wrong about things.

While in his human form, Hiroto, he attends Shimeko Junior High. His personality flips, him becoming a kind, nice boy, with a little sarcasm. He fakes compliments and humor with a smile, and can easily manipulate people, including the cures.


Dekinai- The only person Hitori can actually tolerate at times, seeing as she thinks nothing of his rude remarks. He knows her weaknesses easily, and can save her when she's about to lose in a battle, as she's reckless.

Yaru - Dekinai is barely ever seen with Yaru, but when he is with him, they often get into arguments due to their clashing personality and different ways of seeing things and how plans should go. He gets closer with him later in the series, as the three villains find out more about themselves and gain more emotions.


Like most people in Heartache Organization, Hitori can summon Grief Eaters from negative emotions; but he can also turn people into them, later in the series. He has the ability to teleport quickly, and can physically fight off opponents.


Hitori (人) Literally means 'alone', or 'one person', as he is often by himself.

Watashi (私) Means 'I', as in one person, also meaning he is often alone.


  • Hitori is the strongest out of his team.
  • He's the first villain to appear in Aura Pretty Cure!
  • He can play the piano and guitar pretty well- but he doesn't know why at first.


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