Hitoda Satomi
人だ さとみ
Hitoda Satomi
Personal Information
Birthday Date???
Hair ColorPink (Satomi)

Blonde (Jolly)

Eye ColorPink
Alter EgoCure Jolly
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonTrinket Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceTPC01
Hitoda Satomi (人だ さとみ Hitoda Satomi) is the main character and leader of Trinket Pretty Cure!. She is an avid reader who loves reading fairy tales and fantasy stories. Her alter ego is Cure Jolly (キュア ジョリー Kyua Jorī) and her theme colour is pink.


Satomi has mid-back length pink hair that she ties in two low pigtails which she secures with yellow hair-ties. Her eyes are pink. Her casual outfit consists of a pink denim jacket with a magenta heart on the left pocket, a white blouse underneath, magenta skirt with two fills, white knee-length socks and pink and white sneakers.


Satomi is an outgoing and cheerful girl who attends Omocha Public Middle School as a second year student. She tends to act on an impulse to speak before she thinks but thankfully she apologizes when she realizes that she has stepped out of line. She is an avid reader, fairy tales and fantasy books being the novels she enjoys reading the most. Her parents own a stuffed animal boutique named The Fluffy Connection which they live above when not working. Satomi dreams of taking over The Fluffy Connection when she is older enough and her parents have retired.

Due to Satomi's love of reading, she tends to write fan sequels of the series she enjoyed the most but gives up most of the time when she thinks it is bad. She dreams of meeting Nakajima Nanako, her favourite fantasy author, so she can get her autograph and show her one of her fan sequels. Satomi's best friend is Imoto Hitomi.



Imoto Hitomi - Hitomi is Satomi's best friend. She is usually being pulled back by Hitomi from doing reckless things, even though most of the time, Hitomi joins Satomi in the excitement. Satomi gets along well with Hitomi and was very happy when Hitomi ended up being Satomi's first Pretty Cure partner.

Ito Orihime - Orihime is one of Satomi's Pretty Cure partners. The two girls get along well together because of how they both can keep up with each others energetic natures. In battles against Lifeless Love, Satomi and Orihime can be unstoppable when fighting with each other.

Hiura Yuriko - Yuriko knows Satomi because of how she works at The Fluffy Connection with her. In Episode 11, Satomi picks Yuriko has the fourth member of the team and was thrilled when Yuriko ended up being the fourth Pretty Cure.

Peanut -

Cashew -

Cure Jolly

"My new euphoria, Cure Jolly!"
"Watashi no atarashī tōsui, Kyua Jorī!"

Cure Jolly (キュア ジョリー Kyua Jorī) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Hitoda Satomi. Her theme colour is pink and she controls the power of healing. Her basic attack is Healing Panic.



Healing Panic -