Hinabe Tsukasa
ヒナベ ツカサ
Hinabe Tsukasa
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 18th
Hair ColorDark brown (Tsukasa)

Red (Nova Summer)

Eye ColorCrimson(Tsukasa)

Red (Nova Summer)

Home PlaceMars
Super FormZenith Nova Summer
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonSeasonal Change! PreCure
First AppearanceSCPCN01
SeiyuuYuki Kaji

HInabe Tsukasa (火辺 つかさ?)is the second member and protagonist of Seasonal Change! PreCure NoVA. His alter ego is Nova Summer (ノヴァサマー?).


Tsukasa has dark crimson eyes and short dark brown hair. He is usually seen wearing the male school uniform of Martian Interstellar Academy. If not, he usually wears a orange printed shirt with a white long sleeved T-shirt underneath, blue jeans and red sneakers. In summer, she usually wears a blue polo shirt and cargo shorts, and red sneakers.


He is a very hot-blooded and energetic boy who likes trying new things. He is also very talented at Computer-related professions. He is bad in study, but when it comes to IT, he is a genius.  


Past life

A 15 year old boy in the first year of high school with a "Ore-sama" personality. His favorite things are sports and games.

Meeting Dawn and Maé and Becoming Nova Summer

In episode 1, he met Dawn and Maé, the princesses of the Lyra kingdom. He thought it was just a prank. After that, he realized that he was chosen to be the next guardians of Earth.


Hanano Atsushi: Tsukasa's best friend

Natsume Kohaku: Tsukasa's grandmother and the previous user of the Summer Power.

Cure Summer


He transfroms using his Nova Device and his transformation phrase is " Pretty Cure! Seasonal Change!" And his introduction is: "The flame burning in the hot weather! Nova Summer!"


He use his Mars Spear as his device to attack.


  • His surname is Hinabe (火辺?), which means "Near the fire". His name is Tsukasa (つかさ?), in this case it is written in hiragana, so it can have many meanings. A popular way to write this in kanji is 司, which means "administer".


  • He is the second male cure in the franchise, as the first being Hanano Atsushi.
  • His surname, Hinabe can be written as 火鍋, which means "Hot pot" in Chinese.
  • Tsukasa has some similarities to Eren Jeager in Shingeki no Kyojin, as he has some of his personality traits such as energetic and hot-blooded, and they also shares the same voice actor, Yuki Kaji.
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