Himiya Sei
ヒミヤ セイ
Himiya Sei
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 28th
Hair ColorMaroon (Sei)

White with Red streaks (Cure Firedust)

Eye ColorOrange (Sei)

Red (Cure Firedust)

Home PlaceRosumachi
RelativesUnnamed father (Deceased)(Only appears in Seira's flashback)

Himiya Akane(Mother) (Deceased) Himiya Seira (Twin Sister) (Unknown)

Alter EgoCure Firedust
Super FormFreedom Firedust
Theme ColorRed(main)


Anime Information
SeasonFreiheit PreCure
First AppearanceFPC01

Himiya Sei (緋宮 征?) is the protagonist and the third member of Freiheit PreCure. His alter ego is Cure Firedust ("キュアファイアーダスト"?).


Sei has shoulder-length maroon hair tied up in a small ponytail and orange eyes. He is usually seen wearing the girls' school uniform. If not, his winter casual outfit consists of a white shirt, a black hoodie, black pants and red sneakers. His summer casual outfit consists of a white T-shirt, black leggings and black sneakers. 


Past life

He is a adventurous and brave boy who was not afraid of anything, due to his past which all of his relatives were gone, leaving only Sei and his twin sister, Seira. As Seira formed a band with her friends and went famous, Sei has been always lonely, especially after receiving the news that his only relative went missing on her world tour. Since then, Seira's magical sparrow, Riri kept him company and passed the powers of Cure Firedust to him. 


Himiya Akane: She is Sei's mother.

Himiya Seira: She is Sei's twin sister, who is also a drummer in ImagiNATiON, a popular girls' band. She is the previous user of the Firedust Perfume.

Cure Skylight

"Burning the flame of belief! Cure Firedust!"

Moeru! Shinnen no Honou! Kyua Faiyādasuto!

Cure Firedust (キュアファイアーダスト Kyua Faiādasuto?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Sei. He transforms using his Firedust Perfume.


Himiya (緋宮 Himiya?) - "Hi" means "scarlet" and "Miya"  means "palace", so "Himiya" can be loosely translated into "scarlet palace".

Sei ( Sei?) - It means "conqueror".

Cure Firedust (キュアファイアーダスト Kyua Faiādasuto?)- "Firedust" means "the burning dust coming from a burning flame".


  • He is the 5th male cure and the 1st crossdressing cure.
  • His Firedust Perfume is previously Seira's.
  • He resembles Matsuoka Rin from Free!, except he doesn't have shark teeth.
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