Hikaru Ōmitsu

大光光 Ōmitsu Hikaru

Ōmitsu Hikaru
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Green
Eye ColorTurquoise
Home PlaceFanciful Kingdom (Birthplace)

Yūkibarano (After marrying Juri)

RelativesJuri Ōmitsu (late-wife)

Nijiko Ōmitsu (late-daughter)

Anime Information
SeasonFairytale Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceFPC17
SeiyuuAkira Ishida

Hikaru Ōmitsu (大光光 Ōmitsu Hikaru) is a minor character who appears in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. He passed away 10 years before the start of the series. He is the late-father to Nijiko Ōmitsu and the late-husband to Juri Ōmitsu. Hikaru was once the Royal Wizard of Fanciful Kingdom and the mentor of Kuroizado.


Hikaru was the Royal Wizard of Fanciful Kingdom who mentored Kuroizado. Years later, Hikaru fell in love with a human girl by the name of Juri. Hikaru decides to leave Fanciful Kingdom and his position of Royal Wizard to be with Juri. They later got married and had your daughter, Nijiko.


Hikaru was a tall, light-skinned man with light green hair and thick bangs. He has turquoise-coloured eyes. Hikaru is shown to have worn a dark teal dress-shirt, pale grey-brown pants, and black shoes.

In Fanciful Kingdom, Hikaru had elf-ears with light green chin puff. As a wizard, he wore a white cloak with a single bright green stripe, a golden chain in the front adored with turquoise-coloured jewels, and grey-blue tunic underneath.


Hikaru was a light-hearted and friendly man who loved to make people smile. He had a strong sense of justice and responsibility. Hikaru also seemed to have been and wise man who care deeply about every life.


Nijiko Ōmitsu - Hikaru's daughter who he had loved with all his heart and he always wanted to make her laugh.

Juri Ōmitsu - Hikaru's late-wife who he fell in love with and left his position as the Royal Wizard of Fanciful Kingdom to be with. They later got married and had their daughter Nijiko.

Kuroizado - his mentor and the only being who could go toe-to-toe with his power.


Hikaru: (光) means "light"


  • Hikaru's appearance was inherited by Nijiko
  • Hikaru was the Royal Wizard of Fanciful Kingdom before Kuroizado
  • Hikaru was a powerful wizard that rivalled Kuroizado
  • Hikaru loved making others smile and laugh


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