Hijiri Hibiki
is part of the Earth Defense Pretty Cure! series
and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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Hijiri Hibiki
Hijiri Hibiki Profile
Biographical Information
Season Earth Defense Pretty Cure! LOVE!
Kanji 聖響
Rōmaji Hijiri Hibiki
Also known as Staruru
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female Female
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Red (Hibiki)
Brown (Staruru)
Professional Status
Occupation 1st year High School Student
Affiliation Kawai High School
Class 1-A
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father
Anime EDPCL08
Voice Actors

Hijiri Hibiki (聖響 Hijiri Hibiki?) is a supporting character in Earth Defense Pretty Cure! LOVE!. She is a first year student at Kawai High School.

Hibiki is the antagonist of episode 8, and transforms into a Staruru.


Hibiki has mid-long red hair held in twin braids, and very distinctive freckles. Her eyes are grey. She wears a white sports jacket with red lining, a blue skirt and black sneakers and hat with green lining.

As a Staruru, Hibiki's hair stays the same but the colour turns light brown and she has less freckles. Her eye colour stays the same. She wears a long white-red shirt with brown fluff around the collar and matching party hat, yellow skirt with green frills, and brown boots.


Hibiki is generally quiet and doesn't voice her options often. Because she is the daughter of the owner of a ramen restaurant, Hibiki has to deliver orders every Christmas alone and isn't able to celebrate it.



Himura Akiko - Akiko is Hibiki's classmate, and friend.

Kosho Akiyuki and Kosho Haruyuki - After being manipulated by the twins who say that she's alone only because of Christmas and should destroy the holiday, Hibiki transforms into a Staruru.




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