High Sky Kingdom (ハイ・スカイキングダム Hai sukaikingudamu) is a place far away from earth and homeland of Yukimura Aisu, Yukimura Tsubasa, Tsukigawa Luna and Tsukigawa Yoru. The place is ruled by King Senri and Queen Sora, Aisu and Tsubasa's parents. This place is one of the places in Majestic Pretty Cure! series.


Peace and Before Attacked

King Senri chose Sora to become his queen. They are close friend. The kingdom was in peace for 15 years after he ruled. He got four children, three sons and a daughter. Aisu and Tsubasa live happily there and close friends with Luna and Yoru.

Attacked by Diabolos

After his marriage, she disappeared and comeback as Diabolos. Diabolos has been corrupting peoples from earth and from the kingdom slowly since then. She ambush the attack on their anniversary which celebrated by the whole kingdom. King Senri and Queen Sora protected the kingdom along with other guards and their children. Their daughter, Aisu who is a cure transformed and helped them. In one of the flashbacks, it shows that King Senri lead the fight with Subaru, his son and Queen Sora lead Aisu, Tsubasa and Kiba with the fairies to the earth portal. In the middle of it, many Parasite attacked and Subaru came to help. Queen Sora stayed and fight. When they reach the portal in the pillars, more Parasites attacked and Subaru fight with Cure Blizzard and Tsubasa. But they mut send at least Aisu to the portal for the future of the kingdom. The Parasites started to attack Kiba. Kiba turned himself into stone to protect the chest. Subaru pushed Aisu and Tsubasa to the portal and destroy it.

Restored Kingdom

Before the war started, the cures had restored the pillars which broken by Diabolos. They also fight Diabolos before that and the kingdom restored to normal along with people in it. King Senri and Queen Sora also freed.

Prophecies / Legends

Legendary Guardians Story

This is the book of prophecy about the Legendary Guardians Pretty Cure. It told when each cure's power will awaken and how and where are they. It also told about what's going to happen and their enemies. Later, the book become a module for the cures to transform into their Guardian Forms.



  • Yukimura Aisu
  • Yukimura Tsubasa
  • Yukimura Kiba
  • Yukimura Subaru
  • King Senri
  • Queen Sora


  • Tsukigawa Luna
  • Tsukigawa Yoru

Palace Peoples

  • Kanade
  • Alto


  • This kingdom is protected by pillars called Majesty Pillars.


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