Personal Information
Hair ColorGreen
Yellow (fur)
Eye ColorBrown
Home PlaceMirror Kingdom
RelativesMigirin (brother)
Alter EgoKagami Hiroki
Theme ColorGreen
Power(s)Miracle Lights
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure 5☆Reborn
First AppearancePC5R01

Hidarin (ヒダリン Hidarin) is a hyper teddy bear like creature out of the Mirror Kingdom and almost never seen without his brother, Migirin.


Hidarin appears as a teddy bear, with yellow fur, green hair, and brown eyes. Hidarin, wears a red hat, along with a red costume, a white shirt, with pink stripes, and brown shirt. He carries a Miracle Light, on his pocket.


Like his brother, Migirin, Hidarin is very hyper and can be a bit of a scatterbrain at times. However, he is very caring towards the Cures and wants to protect them.




Migirin - Hidarin's twin brother. The two are almost never seen without each other.

Yumehara Kibo - Kibo is the first Pretty Cure whom Hidarin meets, so he and Migirin stay in Kibo's house. Sometimes, she and the twins argue over random things and how overprotective Kibo can get. Despite this, Kibo cares for the twins and wants to protect them at all costs.

Kagami Hiroki

Kagami Hiroki (加賀美弘樹 Kagami Hiroki) is Hidarin's alias for his human alter ego which he uses when in public to move around freely. He goes as a student of Yumehara Middle School and stays near his brother and the Cures at all times. Hidarin is able to be in this form as long as he would like, but he prefers staying in mascot form as it is very tiring for him to be in human form. It should also be noted that he transforms back into mascot form easily, like if he falls on the floor. Because of this, Hidarin is very careful while in disguise.


  • In the movie of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, he took the form of Coco when he tried to take the Dream Collet.


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