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Heiwana Academy (ヘイワナアカデミー Heiwana Akademī) is a private school located in Karayujo Town. It is the main school where the Cures of Spectrum Heart Pretty Cure! attend. It is separated between two campuses wherein each has its own principals, teachers, buildings, etc.


Female Students

  • The middle school winter uniform. (as portrayed by Emiko)
  • The middle school summer uniform. (as portrayed by Emiko)
  • The winter and summer uniforms of the middle school girls. (OLD)

For the middle school campus, the girls' winter uniform consists of a white blouse over a grey coat with golden stripes in the pockets and the collar. A golden ribbon is attached to the blouse. They wear a gold-striped grey skirt and brown loafers, wherein white socks with gold stripes of varying lengths are worn. For the summer, the coat changes into a vest and they wear a short and puffed sleeved blouse. The high school girls have the same uniform with swapped colours.

Male Students


Notable Students

Junior High

Student Council

Campus Support Club

Soccer Club

Senior High

Student Council


Notable Staff


  • The name of the school derives from the kanji 平和な (Heiwana) meaning "peaceful".[1]



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