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Heavenly Tiara
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The Heavenly Tiara (天来ティアラ Tenrai Tiara?), or also called Tiara of Skyriver (空川のティアラ Soragawa no tiara?), is an item appearing in the Sky Pretty Cure Series. The tiara was first seen in Sky Pretty Cure: Kyujitsu ni Soragawa. The original owner of the tiara is the Royal Family of Skyriver and belongs to the current crown princess, Princess Alexa. In the movie, the tiara was used to save the Pretty Cure’s from being defeated and granted them a power up called "Pretty Cure Rainbow Miracle!".


The heavenly tiara holds the powers of the royal family of Skyriver, the land of rainbows. The powers of Skyriver are based on starlight. The tiara is one of the royal items that hold these powers. The others, however, are never shown in the anime. The heavenly tiara holds the power to power up the warriors that are chosen to be the rainbow warriors. A seen in Holidays at Skyriver, the tiara powered up the attack Rainbow Crystal Fantasy.



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