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Heaven Crystals
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"Blessed with powers of heaven!"— The Cures summoning their crystals
Heaven Crystal

Heaven Crystals

The Heaven Crystals (天の結晶 Amano kesshō?) are power up items appearing in the Sky Pretty Cure Series, which had their debut in the first season, Sky Pretty Cure. The Heaven Crystals grant the Pretty Cures new and stronger attacks as well as a group attack once all Crystals are activated. The Heaven Crystals are created by the mythical Rainbow Tears, which the Cures have to collect in the first half of the first season. As soon as all Tears are collected, their power fuses to the six legendary Heaven Crystals.

Each Heaven Crystal has its own name, based on the Pretty Cure wielding it and the power the girl posseses. They made their first debut in episode 28, when Cure Whitney cured the Cinderella story for its Fairy Tale Curse.


Every Crystal has it's own name. The Crystals are named after the Cures powers or theme colors. They are as follows:


The names of the Heaven Cyrstals originate from words that are connected with the Cure's power or theme color. The name of Cure Crimson's Rouge Crystal comes from the French word rouge, which means "red" if it is translated into English. The Gruen Crystal's name comes from the German word "grün", which literally means "green", while bianko is an Italian word that means "white". Further more, the Tonnerre Crystal comes from the French word "tonnerre", which means "thunder". Luce is an Italian word that means "light", and schnee is German and means "snow" in English. In addition, the name of the Starlight Crystal comes from the Japanese word 星光 (seikō?), which literally means "star light".


  • The first Heaven Crystal was used by Rainbow Angel, the first Pretty Cure in the Sky Pretty Cure Universe.
  • The Heaven Crystals show similarities with the Cure Fleurets:
    • Both weapon types let the Cures perform a Rainbow called attack.
    • Each Heaven Crystal, as well as Cure Fleuret has its own name.
    • Both weapon types have a more powerful version; the Starlight Crystal and the Starlight Fleuret.
    • Also both powerful versions are called "Starlight".
    • Both weapon types are power up items for the Cures.
  • In Holidays at Skyriver, the Cures introduced their Heaven Crystals.


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