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Heartless (ハーツレス Hātsuresu?) are the monsters of the day in Floretta Pretty Cure!. Heartless are monsters made of pure darkness which is found inside people when they experience despair.

List of Heartless

Summoned by Possessing Defeated by Defeated with
FlPC01 Noir Hoshino Sora Cure Romatin Romatin Explosion
FlPC02 Noir Harukaze Sakura Cure Romatin Romatin Explosion
FlPC03 Blanko Hareta Hi Cure Romatin Romatin Explosion
FlPC04 Blanko Hideyoshi Usagi Cure Aloe Aloe Starlight
FlPC05 Rojo
Akahana Ichigo Cure Myrtille Myrtille Tsunami
FlPC06 Giallo Fujikawa Olivia Cure Primavera Primavera Blossom
FlPC07 Noir Hanayama Kiseki Cure Romatin Romatin Explosion
FlPC08 Olive Serizawa Akio Cure Innocente Innocente Hurricane
FlPC09 Naranja N/A Cure Romatin
Cure Aloe
Cure Myrtille
Cure Primavera
Miracle Dream Shining
FlPC10 Blanko Isobe Hibiki Cure Romatin Romatin Explosion
FlPC11 Naranja Hisekawa Chris Cure Romatin Romatin Explosion
FlPC12 Rojo
Hoshizora Ashita Cure Innocente Innocente Hurricane
FlPC13 Rojo
Asahina Jake Cure Primavera Primavera Blizzard



Heartless means "displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration."

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