Heartflowers Pretty Cure

Heartflowers Pretty Cure title logo.

Heartflowers Pretty Cure is a Pretty Cure Series. It is the continuing series to Heartcatch Pretty Cure, but the Cures have children that take their place.


Tsukari Hanasaki - The main character. She is Tsubomi's daughter. Her alter ego is Cure Cherry. Her theme color is scarlet.

Enori Kurumi - Tsukari's best friend. She is Erika's daughter. Her alter ego is Cure Daisy. Her theme color is light blue.

Itsuna Myoudouin - Tsukari and Enori's friend. She is Itsuki's daughter. Her alter ego is Cure Golden. Her theme color is yellow.

Yuka Tsukikage - The last Cure. She is Yuri's daughter. Her alter ego is Cure Indigo. Her theme color is purple.

Sakura Shirayuki - A new Cure suggested by User:Maka Albarn-CureHoneyYukoOmori. Her alter ego is Cure Spring. Her theme color is green , blue , pink, and yellow.


Bloomy - Tsukari's fairy partner.

Fofo - Enori's fairy partner.

Mimi - Itsuna's fairy partner. Mimi is a baby. She is Cocoro's baby sister.

Cocoro - Yuka's fairy partner. Cocoro is Mimi's big sister.

Bloom - Sakura's fairy partner.

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