HeartCatch PreCure! Divine
Hātokyatchi Purikyua! Dibain
General Information
StudioToei Animation
Original RunFebruary 6 2011 - January 29 2012
Opening SongLet's Go! HeartCatch PreCure! Divine
Ending SongHearts of Happiness
Series Info
HeartCatch PreCure! Divine (ハートキャッチプリキュア!ディバイン Hātokyatchi Purikyua! Dibain) also known as HeartCatch Pretty Cure! Divine is a fanfictional Pretty Cure series created by CureKurogane and it is a sequel/spin-off to the 2010 series HeartCatch PreCure! This series takes place a year later after the final episode of HeartCatch, where two new characters become Cure Venus and Cure Zephyr to fight a new team of Desert Apostles.



Pretty Cures

  • Hanataba Misora (花束美空 Hanataba Misora?) / Cure Venus (キュアビーナス Kyua Bīnasu?): The protagonist of the series. She is a cheerful and loving 17-year-old girl, who loves bringing smiles to everyone. Misora is also popular with the boys, thanks to her model appearance. She is very athletic and loves fashion, thus enjoying being a model for the magazines; however, she doesn't do well in academics and is a very horrible cook. Despite this, Misora keeps her head up in the clouds, and never gives up on anyone, especially Kumotaro. Her signature color is pink and her flower symbol is the pink Azalea flower.
  • Yukino Kumotaro (雪野蜘蛛太郎 Yukino Kumotarō?)/ Cure Zephyr (キュアゼファーKyua Zefā?): The deuteragonist of the series. Kumotaro was formerly a Desert Apostle under the name Kumodon (クモどん Kumodon?). He is very calm and collected, and would often stay silent. But then one day, everything changed for him when he saw the people suffering in pain. Refusing to take any of the Apostles' wrongdoings, Kumotaro left the group and has roamed the Earth until he met his fairy partner, Saphir and becomes Cure Zephyr. He's very serious and a bit cold, especially to Misora, but deep inside, he knows that she was just trying warm up to him. His signature color is blue and his flower symbol is the blue Forget-Me-Nots flower.


  • Lilac (ライラック Rairakku ?): Misora's fairy partner.
  • Saphir (サフィール Safīru?): Kumotaro's fairy partner.

Desert Apostles

  • Duke Storm (公爵ストーム Kōshaku Sutōmu?): The main antagonist of the series. He's the leader of the new Desert Apostles.
  • Blaze (ブレーズ Burēzu?): The first general of the Desert Apostles.
  • Lizanda (リーザンダ Rīzanda?): The sole female of the Desert Apostles.
  • Hebito (蛇斗 Hebito?): The third and last general of the Desert Apostles.
  • Desertrian (デザトリアン Dezatorian?): The series monsters of the week. They are summoned when a person's Heart Flower is stolen out of them.

Minor Characters


  • Divine Perfume (ディバインパフューム Dibain Pafu~yūmu?): The Cures' transformation device. It looks exactly like the Heart Bottles used by Tsubomi and Erika, but each of them have a color stripe to match the Cures' color. The Cures transform by inserting their Pretty Cure Seeds and shout out, "Pretty Cure! Open My Heart!"
  • Heart Seeds (こころの種 Kokoro no Tane?): Small coin-like chips that are given by peoples' Heart Flowers after being purified by the Pretty Cure. There are another Heart Seeds called the Pretty Cure Seeds that are only summed by fairies from the Tree of Hearts.