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Hashimoto Kiyoshi
Hashimoto Kiyoshi
Personal Information
Birthday DateApril 10th
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark blue
Home PlaceAokawa Town
Alter EgoCure Joy
Anime Information
SeasonJoyful Heart! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceJHPC01

Hashimoto Kiyoshi (橋本清志 Hashimoto Kiyoshi) is the lead character of Joyful Heart! Pretty Cure. He is a cheerful 14-years old boy who is easily excitable and easygoing. Kiyoshi's alter ego is Cure Joy  (キュアジョイKyua Joi), the legendary Pretty Cure of the sword.


Kiyoshi is a teenage boy with black hair and blue eyes.


Kiyoshi is a very cheerful and joyful person. He has an optimistic viewpoint on life and is very sociable and friendly.


Meeting Natsu and becoming Cure Joy

Kiyoshi is heading off to school in the morning and greets his friend, Miyazaki Ayako, when he encounters the fairy, Natsu. He mistakes him for a normal tanuki and tries to pet him, however Natsu runs off. Kiyoshi then resumes his way to school and greets his other friend, Fukushima Katashi. After school, Kiyoshi and Katashi grab ice cream at an ice cream truck however Katashi ends up leaving in frustration. When Kiyoshi goes looking for him, Natsu confronts him and tells him he is one of the legendary Pretty Cure warriors. Kiyoshi is reluctant to believe him until he witnesses a Kanashimo that was summoned by Prince Emilio. Determined to save his friend from sorrow, Kiyoshi is able to use the Joyful Heart Stone and insert it into the Pumpkin Pact, transforming into Cure Joy for the first time. Using his newfound powers, Cure Joy defeats the Kanashimono and saves Katashi.


Fukushima Katashi - Katashi has been Kiyoshi's friend since childhood. Kiyoshi cares deeply towards him and their friendship. In fact, part of the reason why he became Cure Joy was his determination to save him.

Miyazaki Ayako - Ayako is also a childhood friend of Kiyoshi's, even before he met Katashi.

Cure Joy

"Rise and Rise with a Heart full of Joy, Cure Joy!"

喜びに満ちた心を持つライズとライズ。 キュアジョイ!

Yorokobi ni michita kokoro o motsu raizu to raizu. Kyuajoi!

Cure Joy (キュアジョイKyua Joi) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Kiyoshi. He wields the sword and transforms with the phrase, "Pretty Cure! Heart Up!". His finishing attack is Joyful Heart Beam. 


Joyful Heart Beam (ジョイフルハートビーム Joifuru Hāto Bīmu) is Cure Joy's finisher. He first uses this attack in Episode 1.


Hashimoto (橋本) means (one who lives) near the bridge.

Kiyoshi (清志) means pure.

Cure Joy ((キュアジョイ) means a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.


  • Kiyoshi's birthday is April 10, hence making his zodiac an Aries.
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