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Harukaze Sakura

Harukaze sakura
Personal Info
SeasonFloretta Pretty Cure!
Hair Color New York Pink
Eye Color Fuchsia Rose
RelativesHarukaze Ran (mother)
Harukaze Kagami and Harukaze Mimi (younger sister)
SeiyuuYamaguchi Megumi
Pretty Cure Info
NameCure Primavera
Item(s)Floretta Pen
Hair Color Rose
Eye Color Pink
Theme Pink

Harukaze Sakura (春風さくら Harukaze sakura?) is one of the main characters in Floretta Pretty Cure!. Even though Sakura is very shy, she displays a mature sense of passion and determination to get things done. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Primavera, the flower of the emotion of kindness whose theme colour is pink. She utilizes the power of flowers and dreams.


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Cure Primavera


Even though Sakura is very shy, she displays a mature sense of passion and determination to get things done.

Despite this, Sakura is a intelligent girl who dreams of someday becoming a teacher in order to pass her knowledge onto the next generation.


Cure Primavera





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