Momoko is lead cure from Change! Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Orchid. Her family owns Cake Shop and when she grow up she want to bake cakes and own cake shop too.

Harukaze Momoko
Harukaze Momoko
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Pink (Momoko)

Dark Pink (Cure Orchid)

Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceFlower Town
RelativesHarukaze Ringo(mother)

Harukaze Yan (father) Harukaze Ichigo (younger sister)

Alter EgoCure Orchid
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonChange! Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceC!PC01


Before series

When Momoko was young, she already decided she want to continue with her family's Cake Shop when she'll grow up. Hers and Yurika's parents were friends for a long time too, so she was together with Yurika since she remember. They both met Rei, when they were 6 years old.

Begining of the series

In first episode Momoko met Yataro, Ruai and Aika and became Pretty Cure. At the begining she wasn't really sure what's goinng on but when Yurika an Rei joined her she understand that she fight to protect everyone.

Cure Orchid

Smile of Happiness, Cure Orchid!

幸せのスマイル, キュアオーキッド!

Shiawase no sumairu Kyua Ōkiddo!

Cure Orchid is Momoko's alter ego. 


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Change Box is Momoko's transformation item.

Flower Key is other part of Momoko's transformation item.

More coming soon...


Misaki Yurika - Yurika is Momoko's childhood friend. Their mothers are childhood friends to so Yurika are actually together as long as they remember.

Hinagi Rei - Momoko and Yurika met Rei when they were 6 years old and are great friends since then.

YataroYataro and Momoko usually get along well but sometimes have days when they argue a lot.

AikaMomoko cares for Aika very much.

Ruai - There wasn't told much about Ruai and Momoko's relationship but they are getting along well.

Harukaze Ichigo - Ichigo is Momoko's younger sister. They get along well even if they argue sometimes.

Mimimoro SetsukoBefore Agura became Pretty Cure, Momoko thought of her human form Setsuko as real friend while Agura hated her more than other cures. When Setsuka changed sides and became pretty cure they became very good friends.


  • Momoko is second cure that is baking cakes, first was Minamino Kanade.

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