Harmony (FC☆PC)
Personal Information
AgeUnknown, likely ancient
Hair ColorPastel Mint Green
Eye ColorGold
Home PlaceCreativa
Anime Information

Harmony (ハーモニー) is a mysterious, divine being & the ruler of Creativa who appears in FantasyClock☆Precure.


Past Life

Although her subjects were happy and content with reign as queen, Harmony realized she was lonely and wanted a friend & that's why Harmony decided to turn her heart into a crystal and divide it into two separate halves. One half nice Harmony back in her body and the other helper turned into a completely separate individual. Since she has some of Harmony's powers, the two decided together to rule the kingdom. As Harmony raised the sun to start the day, her other half lowered the moon to end the day. When the other half noticed how much the kingdom revered and paid no attention to Harmony, she became so jealous that the dark power in her gained the upper hand. She became Disharmony  a dark creature that wishes to subdue the kingdom and overthrow Harmony. With her monsters the Disharmonizers, she attacks Creativa and wants to rule for herself, however, she has not considered that Harmony has seen through her plan long because of this has turned her heart into a small being called Bell that she has sent to Earth to find warriors that save the kingdom and overthrow disharmony. So Disharmony and their disharmonizers went in search of Bell to prevent them from awakening the legendary Pretty Cure





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